bite me, my blood is filthy anyway (Sirius Black Love Story)

Name: Rose Nicole Scarlett
Age: same year as the marauders of course - 11 at beginning of story
Appearance: warm blonde hair and gold eyes
other: her eyes change to her mood, but gold is her favorite color to keep them as
the first chapter contains her biggest secret for you to read and find out about

Chapter 3

My baseball skills + vampire strength = what the hell is quidditch?

Of all my classes, the one i was probably most excited to try was flying class. I know that sounds cliche as witches are stereotyped for flying on broomsticks, but i was intrigued by the idea. But of course, when im excited for something that means that time has to move at the speed of a snail. During the time of course, James and Sirius wont leave me and Lily alone during Transfiguration, constantly asked if we need help with the spell and whatnot. "I really thought that if i punched you in the nose you would leave us alone, but no, you have to be determined," i said under my breath. Sirius and James were both skilled at Transfiguration, i will admit that much at least. At the end of class i eventually figured out how to transfigure a toothpick into a sewing pin. "Transfiguration - not my favorite," i summed up to Lily as we walked out of the classroom to our next class. "You are only saying that because you think you are bad at it, relax, you will get better," Lily said reassuringly. "Im a great tutor though," Sirius said moving so that he was walking between me and Lily. My smile faded and my eyes turned gray with annoyance. "Go away," i said flatly. "Come on, you know you want this," he said cocky. "I want that dead," i said coldly to him. He just laughed it off as if he thought that i was joking. James was trying to sweet talk Lily as well, and failing just as badly as Sirius was. Sirius put his arm around me protectively as he saw some guys look at me. A deep growl sounded from me as i did my best to keep my mouth shut and fangs hidden again. Sirius took his arm off me at the sound and i let myself calm down and have my fangs sink back into my gums to look like normal teeth again. "Come on Lily, we have flying next," i said to Lily as i walked faster. Lily quickened her pace to match mine and left the boys far behind us. "Gez slow down, how are you not tired? We are practically running," Lily said next to me. I stopped and pretended to be tired since my vampire strength kept me from tiring so quickly like a regular witch. "Sorry, its just that im excited for flying class and i wanted to get those losers away from us," i explained. "Yeah i know, i know. I wish those 2 would just leave us alone," Lily said exasperated. "Come on, think positive! We have flying next!" i said happily. "Im not really a fan of heights..." she said softly. "Ok then... Think positive still though! We have potions after this," i said trying to find a way to cheer her up, "and both classes are with Slytherins so we will be able to see Sev," i said. She smiled. We walked onto the Quidditch pitch where we had school brooms all lined up for the each of us. Lily and I made our way and stood next to a broom. Madam Hooch walked out then. She intructed us to say 'up' and our brooms would fly into our hands. "Up!" i said forcefully. The broom flew up to my hand the first time. James and Sirius's brooms flew up to their hand the first time as well. Lily's just rolled on the floor no matter how many times she said 'up'. Sev's broom just stayed completely still, not moving at all no matter what he did. While Madam Hooch looked away from him, he just picked it up off the ground. Eventually, Lily's broom flew into her hand. "You might not be good at Transfiguration, but i dont like im any good at flying," Lily whispered to me. "You dont know that yet," i said reassuringly to her.
We were then instructed to try flying on our brooms. Everyone seemed hesitant at first, but after a few brave Gryffindors started flying without crashing, other started to try flying as well. I sat on my broom, which was more comfortable then i thought it would be, and then hovered in the air. Once i felt more comfortable i began flying in circles around in the air, loving the wind in my air and the breeze hitting my face. Lily was one of the most hesitant to try flying, but eventually she mustered up enough courage to begin hovering in the air, carefully and cautiously. I paused in my flying and began to hover so i could watch everyone else fly around happily.
I saw it before it happened, but there was nothing i could of done to stop it.
Peter was flying on his broom, as best as he could, when 2 Slytherins began to catch up to him. They went on either side on the awkward boy and both crashed onto either side of him. Peter went diving out of the sky and hit the ground hard. I guess Slytherins can be just as bad as some Gryffindors cough James and Sirius cough . Madam Hooch quickly went to escort him to the hospital wing. When she was gone and out of sight, James began to hover in the air and preform many different flying tricks. Rather easy tricks might i also add, it seemed that anyone could do them.
"STOP SHOWING OFF!" I yelled at him, "Those tricks are easy, anyone could do those, SO STOP SHOWING OFF!"
He stopped mid trick and stared me down, with a smirk playing on his lips. "Easy huh? Then how bout you come and do them for yourself?" he challenged me.
I glared at him, and he smirked wider thinking that he had outsmarted me. I started to climb on my broom. "Rose? What are you- you are not actually going to fly up in the air right?" Lily questioned me. My answer was when i was kicked off the ground and into the air. I heard Lily mumble something, which sounding a lot like "Idoit" but i just decided to ignore it. James was shocked that i actually had taken him up on his challenge, but continued to smirk anyway. He did a simple trick and then gestured for me to do the same. I copied the trick exactly as he did it, if not better might i add. He continued to do different tricks, and i continued to copy the tricks exactly as he did them. I could see the frustration on his face as he became irriatated with how well i was doing. It was my turn to smirk at him as he started to run out of ideas and tricks to provoke me with. He preformed another trick, and i started to copy him when something hard hit me in the side. I stopped mid trick to see what it was. A rock had hit me. I looked around for the thrower, and it was none other than Sirius Black. I glowered at him and went back to try and complete the trick. He hit me with another rock. I didnt stop because of it though, and he only hit me with more rocks. Pretty large and heavy rocks that didnt feel too good to be hit with. At the peak of my annoyance with him, i dove to the ground and grabbed a thick stick that had fallen off a nearby tree. I gripped the stick tightly in my hand and waited for Sirius to throw his next rock. I stared him down, daring him to throw another. He picked up a round and heavy rock and threw it at me, but this time i was prepared for it. Using my baseball skills and my vampire strength, i hit the rock back at him with all my might. The rock flew to him with amazing speed, making it hard to see in the air. Sirius was stunned that i had hit it back, but didnt move out of the way fast enough. The rock hit him in the center of his chest. He fell to the ground with the force and he was almost knocked out as he hit the grass.
"I never cheated by throwing rocks at you now did i?" I asked James venomiously, "But it doesnt matter, because either way i won," i said rather smugly to him. I flew back to the ground where i was greeted by Lily and Sev both hugging me. "That was brillant!" Sev exclaimed to me.
"You almost knocked him out!" Sev said happily.
"I didnt actually hurt him too badly... right?" i said suddenly fearing my sudden act of anger.
"Nah he's fine, they are helping him up now," Lily said while she pointed to James and Remus both pulling up Sirius off the ground. I let out a deep sigh of relief, glad that i didnt actually hurt him badly. "Miss. Scarlett," I heard Madam hooch exclaim. "Come with us," McGonnagal finished for her. I swore under my breath as i followed them silently into the castle. Lily and sev both watched me go nervously, as James and Sirius both laughed at my downfall. We all walked silently through the corridors until we reached McGonnagal's classroom/office. We all walked in quietly and i sat down across from the professors at the desk. "How bad of trouble am i?" i blurted out nervously. "You arent in trouble," McGonnagal responded curtly. "Then why am i here?" i asked confused as my eyes turned a light purple color. For the rest of the period McGonnagal explained the game of Quidditch to me as Madam Hooch went back to her class.
"So let me get this straight - my, and whoever is the other beater's, point is to hit the bludger at other team's players?" i asked amused by how this game worked. It sounded dangerous, but it also sounded exciting. She nodded. "The nexy practice is on Friday, show up and do well, and you will be on the team," she said curtly, but with a smile on her face. "I will be there," i squealed happily. She dismissed me to go to my next class and i left with a bright smile on my face, bright yellow eyes to express my happiness. I walked away towards potions. Class hadnt started yet, but i had made it there just in time with only a few mere moments to spare. People looked at me unnerved as they saw the smile on my face, they all thought that i had gotton into trouble so they didnt understand why i was smiling. "I must thank you Sirius and James," i said as i walked in, "you just got me placed on the Quidditch team as a beater."
"Grateful enough to go out with me?" Sirius asked hopefully.
I hit him with a rock and nearly knock him out, and he STILL wants to go out with me?! "No," i said flaty as i scanned the room for a seat. Lily and Sev were sitting together so i couldnt partner with either of them. I was dismayed when i saw that the only seat left was next to Sirius. I walked over and sat down next to him, a look of complete disgust on my face. I dont know how, but he planned this.
"Come over to announce your undying love for me?" he asked arrogantly.
"No, i am here because this was the only seat left since NO ONE would ever want to sit with you by choice," i replied with a snarl.
"Come on, you know you want a shot at this."
"The only shot i would take at that, would be with a right foot."
"You know you love-"
I quickly clamped my mouth shut at the end as i felt my fangs retract from my gums. "Are you okay?" he asked as he noticed me go from yelling angrily to a tight clamped mouth. I nodded, unable to speech without my fangs showing. He said nothing more, and once my fangs sunk back into my gums, i smiled and relished in the silence.

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