Forever in my heart ( a drapple story)

Me and Tyler wrote this while on a major sugar rush, :) haha

Chapter 1

Forever and Always

Draco POV
It started off as an ordinary day, but little did I know it was the day that would change my life forevr.
I was walking down the street of Diagon Alley, I was going to Borgin and Burkes. To go look at a vanishing cabinet. On the way down there I passed a few homeless people. As usual I passed them by without a second glance, but one in particular caught my eye. It was a woman with a small stall set up. She was selling fruit. I glanced over the stand and thats when I saw it. A green apple. It was perfect. Never in my life had I seen something so beautiful. It was a beautiful green colour. Its stem had a single, perfect leaf attached to it. It curved out in all the right places and it had a single drop of condensation rolling down it. I felt an instant connection towards it. I had to have it. I gave the old lady some money and took the apple. When i touched it for the first time, it was like there were little bolts of electricity running through my finger tips and up up my arm.

8 Months later
My relationship with the apple had been going great, we only fought once and it always agreed with me. I still remember our argument though, it was one of the worst days of my life.
I was in the room of requirements with my apple. We were trying to fix the vanishing cabinet and then the apple asked why no one knew about our relationship. I tried to explain that no one would understand, but it wouldn’t listen, it stayed in the room of requirements that night and didn’t talk to me for another 2 weeks.
end of flashback

my eyes started to tear up, just thinking about the two weeks i spent without the apple. I quickly wiped my tears, before anyone noticed. We went down to the room of requirements, to try and fix the vanishing cabinet again, I had a feeling today would be the day, I fixed it. I said a few spells and went to find something to test it out with, I searched all around the room, but could not find anything. The apple suggested I put it in, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. After about half an hour of trying to convince me, it succeeded. I slowly picked up he apple and held it in my hand for what could be the last time. I carefully placed it inside the vanishing cabinet, my eyes were starting to water and a few tears had escaped, I took on last look and whispered good bye. I closed the door and muttered the spell. While i waited for the apple to come back I was ready to explode form anticipation. It felt like I had been waiting an hour. When I knew it was done, I opened the vanishing cabinet. And broke down crying, because inside was the apple, with a bite taken out of it. I grabbed the apple, letting the tears run freely and went outside to bury it. After i buried it I took my wand out of my pocket , I pointed it to my head and said the words “ Avada Kedavra”, and fell to the floor, dead.


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