Boys Before Flowers - A Twisted Love Story

This is not an original idea.

Chapter 1


The action takes place in the prestigious Draganesti high school in Los Angeles, California. Four boys, who comprise the group know as the Flower Four, are sons of the wealthiest and most powerful families from the United States. Spoiled, rebellious, flirtatious and mean, these boys are the poster children for the new image of sexiness in America, a group of boys who are in fact beautiful - more beautiful than flowers. The leader, Ethan, is the heir to one of the largest American conglomerates. Roman is the grandson of a former American president. Cole and Jacob complete the group.

Enter cute Genesis, who works at a Korean porridge restaurant and is daughter to a humble family which owns a dry cleaner. She is accepted into Draganesti on a swimming scholarship and has to deal with a world she has only seen from afar. From the start, she faces the scrutiny of the entire school, who consider her an outcast. The boys from F4, who are demigods in this school, take an instant dislike to her. But through her charm and undying optimism, she tries to slowly win the hearts of everyone around her. And of course, a few of the boys will fall for her. Boys from the F4.

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