I saw the MTV VMA's!!! (Plz click here--i beg of u!!)

Also you can txt me and ask for a pic of Lady Gaga

Anyways READ!!!

Oh and Justin Bieber wore these weird glasses!!!

Chapter 1

JB wore glasses now READ!!!

I saw the beginning and Lady Gaga performed her song "You and I" - but she was As if she was a guy -- she had lost weight it seemed... idk how she did it

During the commercials Jessie J performed for the audience starting off with the beginning to her song "PriceTag" and then she sang other songs including Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and after Katy Perry had won an award for her remix for E.T. (MTV called it a "collobration") Kanye West and her came up and to finish off Katy  mentioned Nicki Minaj.

Anyway, Later in the show Nicki Minaj would come out in this nice glass dress thingy and later she won an award for her music video for "Super Bass" (which i loved) -- but later there was this commercial and these two guys were around her (she wasnt wearing the dress) and they're like "but isnt your name Spanish for..."

And when Katy Perry came out they played Avril Lavigne and Katy had said the singer had a break up (so I was convinced it was Avril) --turns out it really was Adele, which she only sang with some guy playing piano / it was her song "Someone Like You" - she was cute and I loved her hand motions

Anyways later Lady Gaga came back out (yes she STILL looked like a guy - more specific Michael Jackson--) Okay she had these people dress up like Britney Spears and her dancers and had them do a medley of her music videos -- anyways Britney won the Michael Jackson VMA

Then Beyonce came out and after her performance she posed like she was pregnant.

Anyways later I saw Young The Giant which do that amazing "My Body" song. Anyways, not only did they perform it awesomly - you had to be watching so you knew how you got dancing like crazy

And somewhere in there Chris Brown did this funny "future" thing and he and his dancers were flying..and Jack Black and two other guys were introduced as the "Beastie Boys of the Future" or something...

Anyways it's a MUST SEE


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