When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

hey guys
this is my second story on quibblo
i have wanted to do a starkid one for a little while now so here it is :)
i hope you guys like it, please comment and rate, i'd love to know what you think :)
Stay fly like a D.Criss my little Starkiddies
Love Jess

Chapter 1

Where it all began :)

I walked slowly to my next class through the rush of the other university students, I didn't really care for being a lawyer but my Dad thinks that being an actor is an unwise career choice, he said he didn't raise me to become a stage puppet. WHATEVER!!
I dodged all of the quick, stressed university students and walked past the auditorium when I heard some of the acting class discussing something.
I placed my ear on the door and tried to listen, their speech was blurred but I did here a soft, male voice say "A very Potter Musical"
I jumped with excitement "yes!" I whispered to myself and went back to listening
"We should have auditions" I heard my best friend Joey say
"Do you reckon anybody will come" said a female with a high pitched voice
'Yes, yes of course people would try out, I would you would be crazy not to' I thought to myself
"Come on guys" I heard someone say "everyone has to ask people if they would be interested in acting in the musical"
I was dancing around the corridor with excitement singing "A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Musical" I heard the acting kids get up and were about to leave the auditorium I quickly straightened my clothing and swiftly left for my next lecture on being late to class.
"Miss Bethany Harris, Late to class again, do you even want to be a lawyer!?!"
"Yes Mr Boring, I mean Boran" I stuttered
"Take a seat Miss Bethany and QUICKLY!" he yelled
The class was a drag, Mr Boran's voice spoke in a constant drone and I swear I fell to sleep. Every minute felt like an hour and every second felt like a minute. The class went on and on and so did the agony.
Finally the bell rang "freedom" I yelled as I ran to leave
"Miss Bethany!" yelled Mr Boran "Don't be late next time, I'm sick of being interrupted during my classes"
I nodded and swiftly turned and walked out, I had bigger things to worry about than be late to class, I had to talk to Joey
I just passed the auditorium when I heard Joey singing I peeked through the door and no one was there so I walked in
"Why it's my best friend Beth"
"Hey Joey Joe" I smiled "Nice singing"
"Thankyou" he said returning the smile
As he walked down to the chairs to sit down next to me
"How was class?" he asked basically knowing the answer it was always the same
"Boring as per usual" I shrugged "I wished my Dad would let me become an actor, Mum is fine with it but Dad still won't budge"
"You would make a great actor, especially musical theatre, because you're a great singer and dancer, ahh I'm so jealous"
"I'm jealous of you at least you can follow your dreams"
"Well actually I have a proposition for you"
"Joey's using big words it must be important" I smiled and he smiled back with his crooked jaw smile that I love so much
"Well here's the thing, we're doing a play called A Very Potter Musical it's like Harry Potter with a couple of twists and"
"And...." I smiled anticipating the answer
"And I think you should try out" he smiled "You'd be great!"
"You know I think I will, when are the tryouts?" I asked
"They start in two days I will run lines with you if you'd like"
"That would be Funtastic!" I smiled
"Funtastic for sure" he smiled "Shall we start tonight?"
"We shall" I said excitedly as we both stood up and walked out of the auditorium and to the cafeteria "chocolate cake!! YES!" I yelled as I raced Joey towards the counter
We sat down at a table and a girl came over
"Hey Joey how come you never sit with us at lunch" said the small girl about my height with blondish hair
"I spend all day with you guys" Joey smiled "Lunch is when I sit with Beth"
"Yeah, yeah we know you never stop bragging about Beth and how talented she is" Laughed the girl
Joey blushed and started picking at his food
"So have you told her to try out for the musical?" asked a really tall man with a super deep voice
"Hey my names Brian" said a man with a soft voice, the same man I heard saying "A Very Potter Musical" earlier today
"Hey I'm Beth" I said returning the smile
A boy with Brown, curly and out of control hair said "Oh we know who you are" he smiled nodding towards Joey "apparently you're the most talented person I'm ever going to meet, you want to be an actor but you are forced to study law and you have the voice of an angel"
Joey just turned a deeper red and looked down
A small boy dressed in an High School Musical shirt came forward and began to speak "hello, I'm Nick" he smiled "and this is Darren, Lauren, Jim, Matt, Devin, Joe, Jomo, Julia, Jaime, A.J, Tyler, Brian, Dylan, Lily and last but not least Brian Holden" he said pointing to the man with the soft voice and the great smile.
They all smiled and said "Hiya!" but I was distracted by Brian, I swear his smile was the best I've ever seen. I felt myself smiling stupidly at Brian.
"So what do you say?" asked Brian
"Oh bout what?" I asked
"About trying out"
"Oh yeah I'd love to"
"Great, don't bother trying out we all know how great you are" said Nick and Joey blushed once again as he pretended to be distracted by his food "You can play Hermione!"
Joey looked up smiling and still looked slightly pink. "You look happy" said Lauren as she nudged Joey
Everyone giggled but I was too amazed to notice Joey's blushing, I get to finally follow my dreams whilst fulfilling my father's wishes. Life just became Totally Awesome!!!

So what do you guys think??
do you like it?? i really hope you do :)
i have had it saved on my computer for a while now because i wanted to concentrate on my Joey Richter love story (which i will still keep writing even though i started this one) and i decided it was time to put it on quibblo :)
Please comment and rate i would love to know what you think
Love Jess :D xoxo

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