Moonlight (A Warrior Cats Story)

Name: Moonstar.
Clan: Leader of her own Clan, SilverClan.
Appearence: Slender silver she-cat with amber eyes.
Mate: Shadowstrike (a shadowy black tom with green eyes)
Kits: Blackkit (she-cat, black fur, one green eye, one amber eye) and Stormkit (stormy gray tom with amber eyes).
Parents: Greyfur (silver fur and blue eyes) and Stonemist (dark gray fur and amber eyes).

Chapter 1


Hi. I'm Moonstar, leader of SilverClan. It's a new Clan. There's not that many cats in it, just me, my mate, my kits, my parents, and a couple of rogues that joined.
First, Shadowstrike. My mate. He's got jet-black fur and grass-green eyes. He's very kind, but if you're a danger to his Clan, watch out.
Then Blackkit. Toughest she-cat I've ever met. And she's only three moons old! She's got her father's fur. Her eyes are strange, one like Shadowstrike's, and one like mine. My eyes are amber.
Stormkit. He's so sweet...but he fights well. He's got fur that looks like storm clouds and my eyes.
Greyfur. She's my mother. She's very sweet...she's also SilverClan's medicine cat.
Stonemist. My father. He's very tough, but he's getting old...he's the Clan's only elder.
Nightshade. He's a black tom with lightning blue eyes. He's tough...very tough. He's one of my best friends.
Last but not least, Starpaw. She's Nightshade's daughter, and our only apprentice. She's my apprentice.
Our Clan's going good so far...we live on the other side of Twolegplace. Greyfur was a ThunderClan cat, and Stonemist was RiverClan...they loved each other so much, they left their Clans and had me. For my sake, they brought me to the Clans. I was raised as a ThunderClan cat, much to my father's protest. In the end, he thought it was okay, and joined ThunderClan. Fueding over Sunningrocks got much stronger after got so bad a RiverClan warrior was killed. Scared, my parents left again, because I was now a warrior, Moonstream. But I wanted a Clan...then I ran into a rogue. He claimed he had been a RiverClan warrior, but he'd left after Tigerstar had tried to take over. His name was Shadowstrike. He ended up as my mate...we traveled for a while with my parents, ending up at Highrocks. Following instinct, I'd walked in, putting my nose to the Moonstone. The vision I had there told me to make a Clan. So I did. SilverClan. Then I had my kits, Blackkit, and Stormkit. Then a rogue named Night and his daughter Star had joined, becoming Nightshade and Starpaw. We formed a Clan...but I'm worried. Because the vision I'd had from StarClan also had a warning. After telling me to make a Clan, it said,
If you don't succeed, you shall regret it...
Because someone you care about shall die.
I'm doing everything I can to make my Clan stronger. But...
What if I can't?


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