Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

This is a hogwarts story that takes place at the same time that Harry is in school. It is a love story as the title says, but the romance will not start until latter. The first chapters will introduce the protagonist and explain her relationship with the other characters. So be patient please! I hope you enjoy it.

Name : Eily Night
BD: February 11th
Hair: Really Dark brown (looks black)
Eyes: Brown

Chapter 17

Boy Problems

by: NeryNight
YEAR 2 Chapter 1

Yay! Second year is finally hear. We are not quite at the part were I can put romantic scene, yet. But we're getting there!

Platform 9 3/4 was practically deserted when I got there. My parents had decided they couldn't miss one of their important elite secret meetings, and dropped me out at King's Cross earlier than normal. Much earlier. There was no one around except from the train and platform staff... and him.

"My father bought me a Nimbus 2001. I'm going to try for the team this year," Draco said in his annoyingly smug voice.

The worst part was that Draco Malfoy was here, too; it was to be expected since our parents ran in the same circles. And since none of his friends were around, he decided he could talk to me. I had tried to get rid of him by locking myself in an empty compartment, but he had followed me and wouldn't stop babbling about his summer vacation in France. I pretended to listen while caressing Shadow, my cat.

"What are you planning to try out for?" I asked with genuine interest at the mention of Quidditch. "All the Slytherin Quidditch spots are occupied already. Looks like you are up for some hard competition."

"Actually, I'm trying out for Seeker," he said, happy at my sudden interest. "I'm pretty fast in a broom, if I say so myself."

A broad smirk slipped on my lips at the memory of beating him in a broom race last summer, but I decided not to say anything.

"Terence is the current Seeker." I passed my hand through Shadow's fur . "I've been training with him the whole summer. I've seen what he can do. He's pretty good, you know."

"Don't worry," he smirked. "I'm sure I can beat that half-blood."

"Don't call Terence that," I screamed, making Shadow nervous, causing him to jump to the floor and disappear out the door. I got up, intending to leave the room as well, but Malfoy took my hand to stop me.

"I'm sorry," he said, but his voice lacked sincerity. "Stay. I won't insult your friends in front of you again."

"That's not enough, Draco," I sighed. "What do you want with me anyway? You and me know perfectly that we could never be friends. We are just too different. Not just because you are in Slytherin and I'm in Gryffindor. You bad-mouth and degrade others simply because of their status or race, I despise people who do exactly that."

"I could... change," he whispered weakly.

"No, you can't," I smiled sadly and shook his hand off.

"This is not over," I heard Malfoy's voice call after me as I made my way out of the room. "I'm interested in you, Eily. I won't leave you alone until you accept me."

"Then you're setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment,Draco," I called back. "And you are not interested in me, you are interested in my family name and what it carries with it"

I paced among the masses of students that had arrived without me even noticing. I was trying to squeeze through a group of girls when I ran into a mountain of muscles.

"Hey, there cutie," Flint smiled smugly down at me. "You should be more careful. You don't want to hurt yourself."

"Thanks for the advise, Flint." I tried to step around him, but he caught my arm in a tight hold.

"Why in such a hurry, Eily." The way he said my name sent chills down my spine. "Why don't we get to know each other a little more? If you know what I mean."

My eyes went wide at the curtness of his words and my stomach was full of a sense of disgust... and something else. Fear. Fear of what this guy, who surpassed me in both strength and height, could do to me.

"I... I need to go," I stuttered.

"Are you sure? We could have so much fun together." His grasp on my arm never faltered.

"I..." My legs were starting to shake. I looked around for someone, anyone, that could help me, but the hall had suddenly become eerily deserted.

"Let go of her, Flint," a familiar voice said from behind me.

"Or what," Flint smiled grew bigger at the sight of the newcomer. I could tell how much he was enjoying this.

"Or you will be in a lot of trouble for harassing the younger students." Terence stepped closer to Flint, his eyes fierce and unwavering. "You don't want that, right? Specially since you are graduating this year."

Flint's smile vanish completely. He look Terence in the eye for a second and decided it wasn't worth fighting him.

"Have fun with you girlfriend, Higgs." He let go of my arm and turn around. "By the way, don't show at any of our Quidditch practices. We don't need you anymore. We have a better Seeker, one that will not lose against Potter."

Terence face went pale as he saw Flint disappeared inside a compartment. I took his hand and gave it a squeeze, trying to console him. He looked at me and smiled sadly.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concern permeating his voice. "Did he hurt you?"

"This is not time to worry about me," I said impatiently. "Do you think he was saying the truth?"

"Unfortunately... Yes," Terence answered. "But let's stop worrying about this. Everyone is waiting for us at the back of the train. We were all worried about you when you didn't show up."

"I was stuck listening to Malfoy, and then I ran into Flint."

"Seems like this just wasn't your day," Terence laughed as we started walking.

We reached the compartment, where all my friends were waiting for me, except for Ron and Harry.

"We don't know what happen to them," George answer when I asked. "We lost them entering the platform. We thought maybe they had run into you, but I see that's not the case."

Harry's and Ron's absence was a cause of great concern, but we manage to have a good time despite it. Terence had become part of the group since the end of last year, accompanying me when I visited Luna, and hanging out at the Burrow most of the summer. My friends were skeptical at first, specially Fred and George, who had a grudge against him for being in the Slytherin Quidditch team, but after a while, they warmed up to him. Now they just teased him a little about being in Slytherin.

As we got nearer to the castle, I looked out the window, praying that my friends would somehow make it there safely, and that this year wasn't as bad as the last.

I'm sorry, guys. I might have made Flint too much of a pedophile and a pervert. I just couldn't help it. It just happened to come out that way.
By the way, I'm going to skip quiet a lot for the sake of getting to the good parts that I have planned in my head.
I hope you're enjoying the story. Please comment. And you are welcome to guess who Eily will end up with. hahaha

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