Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

This is a hogwarts story that takes place at the same time that Harry is in school. It is a love story as the title says, but the romance will not start until latter. The first chapters will introduce the protagonist and explain her relationship with the other characters. So be patient please! I hope you enjoy it.

Name : Eily Night
BD: February 11th
Hair: Really Dark brown (looks black)
Eyes: Brown

Chapter 2

Our Little Special Place

by: NeryNight
The sweet scent of flowers coming from the nearby meadow enticed me. All those bright colors made me want to sing and dance. And so I did. I moved between the rows of flowers graciously, swinging my arms around, and laughing.
Without even realizing it, I started doing magic. Thousands of petals blew around my head like little butterflies. I spun around, excitement bubbling inside me. Faster... Faster... Until I bumped into someone. I gasped horrified. I have been discovered. I would surely be punished.
"You shouldn't do that, you know?" the brown hair boy I had crashed into told me. "If a muggle sees you, there will be trouble."
His calm tone made it clear that he was used to this kind of things.
"Are you a wizard?" I asked timidly.
"Yes." He smiled encouragingly. "My name's Terence Higgs. What's yours?"
Relieve flowed through my body. I wouldn't be sent to Azkaban after all.
"I'm Eily Night," I said, returning the smile. "I haven't seen you around here before."
"We just moved to the neighborhood. Our house is next to the Malfoys. I don't like them."
He walked toward the shade of the trees and sat down. I followed him. I was curious; he was the first boy I talkedto beside my brother and cousins.
"I don't really know them. The Malfoys." I said as a way to continue our conversation. "But Mom and Dad seem to be friends with them."
"They're rude and mean. They twitch their noses and whisper every time they see my mother." Disgust clouded his face. "She is a muggle, you see. Do you hate muggles, too?"
"No," I shook my head. "I like them very much. How they use their minds to create things wizards don't even think about."
He nodded in agreement, turning his gaze to the clear summer sky.
"You look like a nymph with all those flowers in your hair" he finally said.
I blushed at his complement. I kind of liked Terence, and had a very good feeling that we would become really good friends

We were hanging out in the meadow once again. The days were starting to become hotter, but sitting under the trees, we were shielded from most of the heat.
"What are you reading, Terry?" I looked at the book resting on his lap.
"History of Magic, by Bathilda Bagshot," Terence said, without taking his eyes off the pages.
"Why?" I inquired.
"I am getting ready to go to Hogwarts next week." He answered, but still, he didn't look up at me.
"You are leaving?" I frowned. "Can I go with you?"
"But I want to go!" I shouted angrily.
He finally put the stupid book down and looked at me.
"Lyl, you'll go in a couple of years," he said soothingly, taking my hand in his. "You have to be patient."
"But I'll missed you,” I pouted.
"I'll write," he promised. When my faced didn't relax, he added, "A lot."
"Okay." I agreed. "What house do you want to be in?"
"I don't know. I just hope is not Slytherin."

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