Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

This is a hogwarts story that takes place at the same time that Harry is in school. It is a love story as the title says, but the romance will not start until latter. The first chapters will introduce the protagonist and explain her relationship with the other characters. So be patient please! I hope you enjoy it.

Name : Eily Night
BD: February 11th
Hair: Really Dark brown (looks black)
Eyes: Brown

Chapter 3

A Comical White Christmas

by: NeryNight
Terry wrote just like he said he would. In his first letter, he told me that unfortunately he had been sorted into Slytherin. I wrote back, trying to cheer him up.
At Christmas, my parents took me to visit my grandparents. Grandma's food was delicious, and I enjoyed exploring the big old house. However, without anyone my age, I soon grew bored. So a morning, I wandered away in search of someone to play with. There were no houses nearby, but after walking for a while I heard the sound of voices.
"No, Fred! Please, don't!" someone howled.
"It'll look much better when I am finish with it," another voice followed.
I hurried, curious to see what was happening. Slipping into the backyard of a house, I found stumbled into the most ridiculous scene I have ever seen. A read head boy was holding back a crying younger kid. An identical redhead boy was finishing making a snow man. But this snowman was nothing like the ones I had seen before. Its head was much bigger than its body. His face was cricket, and it was wearing girls underwear.
"You ruin it, Fred!" the smallest of the redheads yelled. "It's horrible!"
"But it is more interesting this way. Right, George?" Fred defended himself.
"Absolutely! No offense, but your snow man was boring, Ron," his twin brother agreed. "Besides, look how well those knickers fit it."
I couldn't hep it but laugh at that stupid comment.
The three of them turn to me, having realized my presence.
"See, even she likes it," Fred said smirking.
"I don't like it. It's just too ridiculous not to laugh at," I contradicted him. "You shouldn't be bothering your younger brother, you know."
"Sure, mom," Fred mocked me.
"Oh, so you are going to side with Ron," George complained. "What's your name anyway? Since it seems you have already overheard ours."
"Eily," I answered drily.
"Don't be such a party pooper, Eily," Fred said. "We were just having a little fun."
"Fun? You made him cry!" I shouted, pointing at the small boy.
"You are too serious," Fred complained. "We must teach her how to have fun, George."
"Yes, we must," his twin nodded.
They lean down, picking up snow, and started to fire snowballs to Ron and me. We didn't took the beating silently. We fought back fiercely and mercilessly. Soon, there were snowballs flying all around us. We didn't stop until the last one of us was down.

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