Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

This is a hogwarts story that takes place at the same time that Harry is in school. It is a love story as the title says, but the romance will not start until latter. The first chapters will introduce the protagonist and explain her relationship with the other characters. So be patient please! I hope you enjoy it.

Name : Eily Night
BD: February 11th
Hair: Really Dark brown (looks black)
Eyes: Brown

Chapter 4

A Loony Day

by: NeryNight
The summer before his second year at Hogwarts, Terence spent most of his time practicing Quidditch.
"The Slytherin Seeker graduated last year," he said when I asked him about it. "I want to try out for the team next year."
Since I was feeling a little left out, I convinced my parents to let me use my brother's old broom to practice with him. He was serious about it, but he took time to teach me to fly and play Quidditch.
The next time I went to visit my grandparents, Fred and George were at school, and Ron and Ginny were sick in bed. I was left to play alone, again.
I wandered through the nearby fields, observing the unusual plants and flowers. A big yellow wild flower caught my attention, and I leaned down to look closer at it.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a soft voice startled me. "The attract the wrackspurts."
When I looked up, I saw a blond girl with big blue eyes standing besides me. I stared at her in amusement. She kind of reminded me of Mary Ann, my favorite doll.
"I'm Luna," She said.
"Eily," I murmured.
"Have you ever drank milk with ketchup?" she asked nonchalantly.
"No," I frowned at the thought.
"It tastes good," she said.
We talked for the rest of the afternoon. I got to know everything about invisible magical creatures. Luna was a weird girl, but in an interesting way. I grew to like her more and more, and in my following visits to my grandparents, I walked the short way to her house to her house to hear more of her fantastic stories. By the time summer came, we had practically become best friends.

Sorry if I make Luna seem weirder than she really is.

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