The Spy

hi my name is Paisley and my dad worked for the spy agency of New York City but when he was murdered while doing an important misssion i was put to the test to fill his spot and im only 15! Will paisley find the murderer of her father?

Chapter 1

Moving in with mom

Hey sweetie. Hey mom i kinda need to stay in New York because dads biss put me in dads place. I know he called me and i bought a house there. Yay ok well see you in a bit love you. Love you to sweetie. (paisley hangs up). (at the new house). This placs is huge! Yeah sweetie its a mansion dads money bought this. He left all of us in the will not just you! Weres Andrew? He is still in the car getting his bag. (andrew is her 18 year old brother). (andrew comes in). I like this place but i just miss dad! So do i andy! Mom i dont understand he died a week ago! I know it takes time to heal! But mom time wint heal it i wont heal! Paisley come on honey i know it is tough but please just suck it up! Mom you never loved dad you only married him for his money why would he go for a bitch like you? (paisley runs up the stairs crying). Good going mom you know she is sensative! Andrew ahe made her mind up! (andrew walks up the stairs and enters her room). Pais? Yeah andy? Im sorry about mentioning it back there! Its ok i blame myself dad is gone because if i would have jusy paid more attention to him he wouldnt have gone out that night. Pais dont blame yourself its not your fault he was just doing hid job. I know but i just cant believe he is gone. I know nobody can but im here for you! Your the best brother ever! (paisley hugs andrew tight). I have to tell you so i got put in dads place but i cant do it alone so its gonna be me and you. I cant do it i dont want to end up like dad. Ill be the only girl dad said so. You will be a little toughie. Yeah i have a meeting because im a new recruit! Yeah alright. Dont worry ill rollerblade there! Love you broskey. Im a chick. Just go! (when she gets there she seees a cute guy). PAISLEYS POV stop it paisley your not here to find love your here to find the guy who killed your dad! Hey im Louis's daughter. Why is there a girl here they arent as strong as guys. Wanna bet i have been in karate for 10 years now and i have kick boxed for five years i know my stuff! Whatever we will see that tomorrow. Why tomorrow. We have a mission tomorrow. Oh ok. (they introduce her to everyone). So whos my partner. Logan! PAISLEYS POV. yay the hot one i can show off. Do you know how to use a gun. Yeah my dad tought me how to use all sorts of them. Good we have more weapons. I know ok geesh. Wheres my new recruit!!! In here Peter. Who is peter? Our leader he is only 16. So im only 15. Your so young but Logan is 17. Cool and this matters because. I dont know just thought i would tell you! Hello Paisley. Hi Peter. How did you know it was me. I met everyone else. Oh good well tomorrow we have a mission. Yes i know.

This is my new series hope you likw it

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