100 THINGS THAT I LOVE ABOUT MY BEST FRIEND MADI (yes, this will be creepy.)

No, I will not give you her last name, stalkers.


Chapter 1

I don't expect people to read this, calm down

1. She makes me smile
2. She makes me laugh
3. She has such a beautiful shade hair
4. Her eyes are gorgeous
5. She is beautiful- inside and out
6. She is hilarious
7. She is a genius
8. She is a nerd
9. She loves reading
10. She is witty
11. She is clever
12. She is cynical, like me
13. She is an incredible actress
14. She is an incredible writer
15. She has a dirty mind
16. She takes things too far ;)
17. She is a no-drama, no-fuss girl
18. She is sweet
19. She is so, so nice
20. She cares about the environment
21. She is loud
22. She can be quiet
23. She is dramatic
24. She is crazy
25. She shares my interests- like, all of them
26. She is always there when I need her
27. She is always open when I need to talk to her
28. She is anti-social ;)
29. She has a weird fetish with Jason Momoa
30. She is obsessed with people worth obsessing over- Ben Barnes, Dimitri Belikov, and Shane Dawson
31. She reminds me of Sheldon off of Big Bang Theory (we call her Meldon)
32. Her name is short for Madeline, like the little French orphan
33. She is always open to new things
34. She isn’t religious, and doesn’t mind when people are
35. She is accepting. Always.
36. She is ALWAYS facetious and flippant, I love it
37. She has a very dry humour
38. She is sarcastic
39. She is obsessed with the term “Man-whore”
40. She uses the word “clearly” way too often
41. She makes me jealous ;)
42. She is INCREDIBLY photogenic
43. She always sticks to a promise
44. She is almost always polite XD
45. She is wacky (Yes, I used wacky.)
46. She seriously thinks she has a chance with Dimitri Belikov before I get in there. (Bitch, please.)
47. She knows how to lighten a bad situation
48. She is awesome in awkward situations
49. She can cry on cue, and I think that’s awesome, if not ANNOYING when I can’t tell when it’s real or not...
50. She loves pretty much most music
51. She is a vampire ;)
52. She is gracious and courteous
53. She is classy, not Bogan or slutty like some girls I happen to know in our year.
54. She secretly wishes she was American (or Russian), like me. ;) Don’t think I don’t know…
55. She is weirdly awesome at math
56. And English
57. And sport
58. And everything she does
59. She has a beautiful smile
60. She avoids cheesy and emotional things, like I do
61. She gives the best advice
62. She is a hard worker (ahem…when she wants to be…)
63. She is as obsessed with Vampire Academy as much as I am
64. She gives me all my best jokes and one-liners for my new book (Or, not so much as willingly gives as provides…)
65. She loves How I Met Your Mother
66. She can never make up her mind, but once she does, she is deadset
67. She is painfully persistent
68. She is always strangely calm…
69. She always gets my jokes first…lol 69…
70. The first thing I think of when looking at her face is the same when she looks at mine…ahem…game…
71. You can’t stay mad at her
72. She doesn’t hold grudges
73. It’s almost impossible to be unhappy when you’re around her
74. She goes all quiet and broody and absorbed when she’s reading
75. She is SKILLED
76. She’s random (Shower Juice)
77. She makes the most awesomest fashion choices (SpongeBob shoes, hello?)
78. Even though a part of me hates it (jk) too much time with this girl will let you realise just how congenial she is when you want to be mad at her…
79. She is quick minded and quick witted
80. She makes me cry, something NO ONE does… :(
81. She leaves SUCH an impression
82. She is long tempered
83. She has an incredible tolerance for pain
84. She can make me crack up by just looking at me
85. She is emotionally strong
86. She is physically strong
87. She is persuadingly strong
88. She is always pleasant to have around
89. She is anything BUT acquiescent in an argument
90. She is stubborn
91. She is a Collingwood fan. Hell yeah.
92. She has great taste in everything
93. She loves Carl Barron
94. She is the perfect friend, I swear
95. She always carries such a light air around her
96. She frets. It’s cute.
97. Her sense of humour takes you by shock
98. She is MY best friend
99. She is 100% Amazing and Perfect and I love her so, so much
100. She is reading through this entire list and trying to disagree with everything on this list even though she knows it is all true and is genuinely shocked at how observant I am, how much I listen to her, and how much I freaking love her MADI I LOVE YOU DON’T FVCKING LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING TO TALK AND PLEASE ADMIT YOU’VE LEFT AN IMPRESSION ON MY LIFE.


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