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Chapter 1


Do you know that 2,861 teens drop out of school and 6, 6 teens commit suicude everyday? Look, help me stop bullying. We can stop the suicudes and drop outs. If you're a bully, look, you are costing someone their life when you make fun of them. Even if you're just trying to fit in, don't. It will cost someone their life...Just cuz you want to belong, do you follow them in bullying? Their pain is the price it takes for you to fit in. When they go home, don't you notice that they might be thinking suicude? They might come back to school with a gun at his side and a kindness from you might have saved his life. Don't you know heros are made when you make a choice? You could be a hero, heroes do whats right, you could be a hero and save a life. Join me in the fight to stop bullying! Fight for what's right!

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