Ipod repost

suppy sup ma peeps

Chapter 1

i dare you to fist bump a cow

put ur ipod on shuffle and answer theese questions

how would your friends discribe you?
Give in to me -Cast of country strong

Ok then...?
How would yor family describe u?
...... Perfect - Pink

I don't get it?
what was your last relationship like?
Enchanted -Taylor swift

Ive never had a relationship!?
Whats the story of your life?
Lose yourself- Eminem

I am not a rapper
Story of your parents life?
Born this way -Lady Gaga

whats your future?
What the Hell - Avril Lavinge

Sounds like im awesome.
and your future boyfriend/girlfriend?
When im gone -eminem

???? thats kinda sad
your theme song right now?
I wont let go -Rascal flatts


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