The day i turned into a dog

This is a made up story that i wrote in school, and i shared it with my class and they really liked it.I hope you like it to.But this story will be longer

Chapter 1

A shooting star

One day i was thinking.i told myself:is a shooting star real?but i didn't know,so what i did i waited until 12:00 at night, and i looked out my window.I waited until i could see a shooting star.So i waited and waited,till....I SAW ONE!i really really saw one!i thought i was dreaming but i wasn't.I was so happy,but the problem was,was that i didn't make a wish.I waited a very long time to see a shooting star but i just wasted my time doing that,i was very very the next night i waited again and i saw one i can't believe it! two tomes in a row!so before it wen't away i made a wish.My wish was:i wished i was a dog.yeah i know that was probably a stupid wish but i always wanted to be a dog.when i was very little about 3 years old i wanted to be a dog, and i preyed to god but my wish never came true.You are probably asking:how come i didn't make a wish?well i didnt make a wish because i didnt know what a shooting star was and i asked my mom what it was and she told me.she said:its when you see a shooting star zoom in the sky at night and make a wish.But i did not believe her.that is why i didnt make a wish to turn into a dog when i was about 3.So thats it for now i hope you liked this chapter and i am srry if i mispelled a word but please read my other chapters byee!:)

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