No One Can Change Me

Every person is their own self, and no one can tell them otherwise...right? That's what Sunday Malone thought, until her family "taught" her something different, something that wasn't the truth. But can Sunday stand up for herself and turn her life around?

Chapter 1


Twelve-year-old girls aren’t supposed to want to fall in love…are they? I want to fall in love, I want to get married, to have a family. I want to move to Florida with my best friends, so we can live next door and take our kids to Disney World. Sounds like a really nice life, right?
Too bad it won’t be mine. It will never be mine. It won’t be mine, because people that live in the smallest little area of Tennessee never make it big, especially if their father is the church's reverend, Rev. Malone, and everyone says "Well, your dad's the reverend, your mother is the number one elder and the head of bible study, your brother is away helping the less fortunate people across the globe, and both of your younger sisters are in the choir and are acolytes, so that must mean that you want to grow up to be just like all them, right?"
But the correct answer is...wait for it...wrong. My name may be Sunday Malone, but the only Sunday I like is the ice-cream kind. My parents named me Sunday because they thought that I'd grow up to be exactly like them in every heavenly was. That I was supposed to worship God and all those messed up lies that the government makes up to control America. It's not real, not one single scrap of it. God didn't put humans on this earth; nor animals or anything else. There were dinosaurs; they blew up. But there were still other animals, monkeys, to be specific. Monkeys who learned to stand up right and use their thumbs. It's called evolution. That thing they had a big fight about because they couldn't teach it in schools. We became civilized people. We were nomads, who lived in Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Rome, China, Greece, Egypt. We created cuneiform, a written language. We are our own people. There was no God, no Jesus. There never was, and there never will be. As for Heaven and Hell? I don't believe in one of the two, and I think that anybody could guess what that is: Heaven. I believe in Hell because it's the place where all evil is supposedly centered around. And the Devil, you can't forget him. And it's bad. I like bad.
So, I'm going to answer the question that you've probably had in your mind this whole time.
I, Sunday Malone, am an Atheist.

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