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Chapter 6

The saxes(plus some other people)!

All the saxes: You gotta want it.

Daniel was doing something that annoyed me.
Me: Daniellll!
Greg: Liz you gotta stand up to him. You can beat him up!
I knew I couldn't because he's twice my size and I've already tried.
Hunter: You just gotta want it.

I dunno if you can tell yet but the senior saxes and some other saxes are practically my brothers when only Daniel is my brother. At the football game, I was sitting with Greg's girlfriend Gabby to teach her stuffs about the band and whatnot. It was at halftime and Greg came over to me and Gabby.
Gabby: This is Liz
My thoughts: Uhhhh I think I know my brother!
Greg: Hi Liz! Nice to meet you for the very first time!(he said it in a sarcastic tone)

Daniel: Stick to Singleton!(at the consession stand at the rival's football field)
Greg: Kaitlyn you need to come over to the band!(end of third quarter they have to be there)
Kaitlyn: Daniel said I have to watch Liz so I'm gonna watch her!

Sunil(this dude) was tickling this one girl. She fell on the ground laughing and he kinda left her there.
Sunil: Do you want me to tickle you?(he said while reaching for my stomach)
Me: Uhhhhh no thanks....I'm good....

It was senior night and I was on the field with my family. Greg was behind because of where he was for the band program.
Greg:Liz, its ok. You're not gonna cry. You have the rest of the year. You're ok.
I was about to cry. He could've gotten in trouble for talking to me but he still comforted me. That's one of the reasons I love him.

On my birthday, there was a football game.
Greg: Ok everyone listen up! Today is Liz's(he pointed to me) birthday. Now I know we can't sing but let's try for her.
Then the band sang happy birthday to me.

There are plenty of others I just can't think of.

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