who will you marry?(part 63)

Chapter 1


What is a debut ball? You say curiously because in your whole you never been to any kind fancy party in your life. Well shane says quickly it basically a huge party welcoming you into the high society that you would have been in should you had been able to grow up in tarragon and it going to be held in my castle of course. Hold on he says as he pulls out cell phone and speaks quickly and then closes it placing it back in his pocket. What was that about? You say, don’t worry I just called us a ride, because we have a long way to go and very little time to get u ready. Just like clockwork you hear the sound of horse hooves and bells Coming down the road, a old fashioned opened top carriage that is all white with gold trimmings and beautiful designs that seem to be almost alive carved into the sides of it, flowers of almost every variety Draped along the front and back and top it off there are 6 winged Pegasus pulling it. It looks like something u see from a fairytale, not bad huh shane grins at you as he sees you staring at the beautiful ride. Not bad at all u grin back at him as he leads to the side of the carriage as a servant opens the door for both of u and shane offers his hand which you take gracefully stepping up into the pash carriage before shane sits down beside you placing his arm around you. Giving the signal to move forward, you don’t even feel it as it moves. What do we do first you? murmur leaning ur head against his shoulder, he leans in close to your ear whispering sensually, first we got to get u out of those clothes. Your cheek redden slightly at the sound of his words, as he grins realizing the effect of words. The carriage stops in front of a small boutique and you both leave the carriage walking into the store and a young lady who is tall with long flowing light brorwn hair who wears a long black form fitting skirt with a daring thigh high split on the side that hugs every curve and a white low cut peasant top with a corset on top of it that leaves very little to the imagination making her look sort of piratety yet sensual at the same time.

She greets shane by embracing him and air kissing on both cheeks saying shane darling, it marvelous to see u see u again but ive already assembly your outfit for tonight’s party. Grinning he says I didn’t come for me this time mistress Sade I was actually hoping you could find something for my friend here nodding to you. Of course I can she coos a her eyes looks you up and down slowly paying attention to your cleavage as if she is undressing you with her eyes. Is she okay? you send a mental message to shane, she okay but be careful she is a vampire like Anthony, so you should be okay just don’t let her bite you he chortles. Right, you sigh as your dragged into a dressing room and she helps you undress making you feel a little uncomfortable as a measuring tape whirls around you magically taking you measurements while she searches through racks of clothes, what is your name darling? She says continuing to search before picking out four or five dresses. Ashanti, you whispers, she stops in in the middle of searching, pursing her lips she says that names sounds familiar like I heard it somewhere was your mother named lily? You nod and she gasp saying omg I never thought id see the day when I the great Sade would get to dress the great Lilly’s daughter, such a shame what happened to her though. Handing you the first dress which is a long sleeved velvet dark green dress that is low cut in the front and embroidered in gold around the edges. Raising your hands over your head she slips the dress onto you and tugs it down smoothing the sides making you uncomfortable as she touches you hips adjusting her skirt, continuing to speak about how much u were like ur mom. Hmm the green go well with your skin go show ur friend, she says ushering you out the dressing room. Stepping out you try not to trip in the long dress making your way to shane who is relaxing and drinking tea in an armchair. What do you think holding out your arms. Glancing at u up and down he stands gently taking ur hand in his before touching the dress enjoying the texture of the fabric, as you enjoy his touch, so, what do u think of the dress? You say breathlessly I think its very pretty but it your choice not mine he says.

You head back into the dressing room time seem to stop and you feel a presence, then you see him(Dante) the one who broke your heart. Keeping your cool you say coldly have u come to reclaim the knife u stuck in my heart, have u?, pretending to be totally interested in adjusting your dress. And here I thought I taught you to look beyond the obvious he whispers softly in your ear, the sound of his voice sending shivers down your spine as he stands behind u gently placing his hands on your shoulders before they begin to descend downward, causing u to fill warm all over like the first time he touched u. No, you say brushing off his hands off you even though every part body begs for his touch and the feeling of his lips on yours. I wont go down that road again you think, he broke your heart once and your not giving him a second chance. taking a deep breath you turn to look at him, his face is an expressionless mask as he looks back at you. But in his eyes you can see the hurt, making u feel bad that u cut him off, speaking softly he comes up close to you but makes no move to touch you as he says I know I was wrong for sending u off, and I think ur very pretty and I like u, I don’t see the problem u say coolly. Running a hand through his hair he turns away from u refusing to make eye contact, as you see the first hint of nervousness from him, and it reminded u of how Brandon looked when he was hiding something. Why do people insist on hiding things from you, you think as you sigh sadly. Coming up close to him, you touch his cheek softly with ur finger tips and he closes his eyes. Trust me, let me help u, you say softly placing your hand in his and you lean against him feeling the roughness of his cheek against yours, and your heart begins to race and an ache begins to form in your lower region as you feel his hard body against you, you’re the first one who has ever offered to help me, I thank you for that he mummers in your ear. No one can help me, I’m too far gone, facing you look into his eyes and it like staring into an abyss, your heart seems to stop as he kisses your lips and you can fill his desire and need.After what seems like forever he pulls away suddenly brushing away a loose strand away from your face, be careful tonight your sister shall be with u. He makes a move to leave, is that’s it?, how do u know my sister? You grab his arm in an attempt to stop him but he looks at ur hand on his arm, then straight into your eyes with a smirk saying u should go with the Sapphire dress it brings out your eyes.
You blink and just like that he is gone, as time seems to get back on track and you here someone calling your name.


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