Legend of Zelda: Prophet of Light

Legend of Zelda: Prophet of Light

The Hidden rumor of Links adventures with the Prophet of Light.

Chapter 1

Birth of Light

It was a crisp, clear morning when Link awoke in his hut. He stretched in his bed and went to his cupboard for some breakfast. He grabbed some apples and headed out the door. The forest in which he lived was called Eterna, a calm, peacful place. Link trodded down the dirt path to his friend Lance's house. Lance was Link's closest friend.
Upon reaching Lance's house, Link noticed his friend's door was damaged beyond repair. Half of it was scattered on the ground, ripped to shreds. The other part was still on the hinges, buy it was riddled with claw marks and deep gouges.
Link rushed to the door and cautiously walked in. The inside looked neat and tidy as normal. Lance was asleep on his bed, snoring softly, unharmed. Link gently woke him up and informed hi of his door issue.
"AAK!!! It's been cut to ribbons!!!! I worked so hard to make this one! Who would do this?!"
"It might have been the forest monters. They have been attacking our neighbors a lot recently. I wonder why though. I don't remember them ever being this aggresive."
"The Bokoblins aren't very aggresive, but the forest Wolfos sure are. And besides," Lance said pointing at the door, "Wolfos are the only monsters with claws."
A dark shadow crossed Lance's face. It shadowed his tan skin and darkened his sandy-blonde hair. Link knew what he was thinking. Lance hated to see people in danger. But suddenly it seemed personal. Like a grudge that never goes away.
"Link, follow me. There is something I have to show you. It's in the cellar."
Link followed Lance into the dark but nice looking cellar. Lance pulled out a box.
"This is it. Are you ready?"
Link nodded yes and braced himself for what was inside....

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