Ever wanted to hang around with these guys? Well now you can!

Chapter 1

Episode 1: Nick's Worst Nightmare

Nick: To Andy Wait here. It's not likely you'll find anything of interest in here. He goes into the shop
Andy: Shrugs and turns to you Hello, good morning and welcome to the show. Nicky boy has dragged me out shopping because he probably wants to see ME tortured for a change. smirks Yeah, he's doing well. Nick runs straight out of the shop, gagging and shuddering violently
Andy: What happened to you?
Nick: James...Hetfield...Metallica.... Andy looks amazed
Andy: And you SURVIVED? Wow, you have more stamina than I thought, Nicky boy. Drags Nick back into the shop
Andy: JAMES! Hey Hetfield! Over here man! James swaggers over, smirking. Nick retches
Andy: To Nick Try not to faint, will ya? Turns to James How are ya, man?
James: Alright. Glares at Nick Why are you with this joker, Andy? Looks like a dandified creep to me. Nick glares at James, then shudders again
Andy: Oh he's in my band. Anyway, I want you to meet the rest of my band, James! Grabs Nick's collar Come on, Nicky boy!

Simon: And this is......? Gestures to James
Andy: James Hetfield. From Metallica.
Roger: Andy, is it really safe for N-Is cut off by Andy
Andy: Shut it, Roger. Anyways, James, this is John, Simon, Roger and...NICK.
John: Looks at Nick, who is shuddering more violently than ever Hi...Nick, maybe you should go...
Andy: NO WAY! He's ok. John raises a skeptical eyebrow.
James: You want me to give ya'll a little tune?
All except Andy: NO!!!!!!
James: Tough nuggets. Play my instruments, dudes! Knocks over Nick's keyboard on the way to the mic
James: singing YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'M SITTING ON A CHAIR COMBING MY HAIR COZ IT'S EVERYWHERE YEAH YEAH YEAH! Andy is laughing as he plays his guitar
John: To Simon and Roger We have to get rid of him, or Nick will have a blooming heart attack! Nick faints JESUS! Distract him, Simon! Runs over to Nick
Simon: HETFIELD! QUIT SINGING! James stops abruptly whacks James over the head with his cymbal
Roger: That'll teach you! Andrew Taylor, get that FREAK outta here! Andy hastily drags James downstairs Er...blushes hi...
Simon: Go Roger! John? Is Nick ok?
John: looks serious his heart's stopped...I mean STOPPED. There's nothing we can do.
Simon: lip trembles He's not...
John: I'm afraid so.
Simon: bursts into tears WHERE'S ANDY! I WILL BLOODY KILL HIM! Andy climbs back upstairs, panting TAYLOR!!!!!!
Andy: What?
Roger: Looks remotely angryYou've killed him by bringing that Hetfield here! Holy christ, you're not even CONCERNED! John is smirking
John: Andy, no amount of David Bowie will save him now. YOU'LL have to give him the kiss of life. Andy looks disgusted at the idea, but bends down and kisses him. Nick springs up and punches Andy
Nick: YUCK! I did NOT need that! Gets hugged by Simon
Nick: shudders violently fetch me a bucket, that was HORRIBLE!!!! He pukes
John: is laughing uncontrollably
Simon: What's so funny, Taylor number 1?
John: Nick was never dead..giggles One I wanted to see Nick punch someone, and two it would HUMILIATE Andy! Nick just fainted!
Andy: Glowers So I did that for NOTHING! EW! Looks at Nick Am I really THAT bad a kisser?
Nick: vomits again You think it wise to ask me that?
Simon: You probably are, cause Nick's sick is green. gags
Roger: Why did you even bring Hetfield here? Andy shrugs
Nick: What was that?
ALL apart from Andy: WHAT?! Nick vomits
Nick: to you Fin. Finished. Done. Now you know Andy's dream, and my worst NIGHTMARE.

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