Soul Sucker

I'm not good at intros...Read. By: Me!

Chapter 1

Brenna's POV

A GIRL, PROBABLY around fifteen, my age, was walking alone in a gorgeous path through a garden, exotic flowers like blankets on either side of me. Her hair is very wavy and long, down to her knee where as mine was at my hip. She had emerald green eyes. Her hair is the color of the roses near her, but it looked almost orange in its angle. In front of her was a boy at least 2 years older than her and I. Tall, skinny, but muscular edging toward her with a knife clenched behind his back. I did not notice the knife until he used it on the girl. Suddenly, it all goes black.
Next, I find myself in a meadow a gorgeous white dress, going straight down to my ankles. My eyes look gold instead of my usual light brown, my hair looks auburn. I could tell I'm waiting for someone.
Then I'm running, running to absolutely nothing. I’m possibly running to the sun, but no. Someone is behind me. It is the same person, the same boy. The odd thing is, he and I are laughing, laughing like five year olds. Soon with my luck, I fall. I feel embarrassment flooding through me, and my face turns a strange pink. He doesn't laugh, even chuckle. He just gives me a sympathetic grin. I smile at him back, but it's an awkward moment. I almost knew this isn't right, but I went along with it anyway. I know I loathe myself for that.
For a moment, I see a flash of the boy looking different. His blond hair turned light silver and his eyes became blood red, but so quickly I seemed unaffected. The corner of his mouth oh so slightly curved. "Need some help?" He asks, extending a pale hand to me. His voice is steady and smooth. I nod and take his hand. I feel warmth radiating off of it. As I stand up the boy edges closer. "Stefen, please, no." I say weakly. How I know he's Stefen is a mystery.
Stefen kept coming closer. "Really?" He asks, just a hint of amusement in his voice, his green eyes sparkling. I hesitate; looking at his overly lime green eyes make me pause forever. I can't disagree I can't get the word no out of my mouth. Just say it. I think. Yes, stop Stefan. Say it Brenna! I urge myself. "Stop." I manage. I sound lame, like a baby who was just learning how to speak. Stefen reluctantly stopped. "I must say," says Stefen. "You have wonderful self control." I smile. "Thank y-" I start, but he cuts across me. "Slayer." My eyes widen, how does he know? "It's okay Bren, I won't tell anyone." He consoles me. "Thank you," I say stupidly. Questions run through my mind. How does he know? What was that flicker? What is he?
"Do not worry," Stefen interrupts my thoughts. Something about him made an alarm go off in my head. Stefen's looks are hiding something. I need to figure it out. As a slayer not as Brenna especially that red haired girl he murdered. Why was I with him? Why do I seem to love him?
"What are you?" I had no control over my words, they slipped out. Stefen now chuckles. "Human and you are too, just with a gift." He says. "I, um-" I start. "I know you Brenna. I do. Don't lie.” Stefen said his voice firm, focused. An awkward pause followed. "I have a secret too." Stefen smiled. He got his mouth close to my ear.
And then I woke up.

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