L is for Love, O is for Original, V is for Vibrant, E is for Everlasting [A James and Oliver Phelps Love Story]

@fredandgeorgeluvr and I, decided to write a James and Oliver Phelps love story! So here we gooooooo...
Enjoy! (:
~Brea and Lexi

Chapter 1

Meeting Him (Breanna's POV)

I rolled over in my bed and yawned. I rubbed my eyes and focused on the clock. 7.. 7:54?! I need to be at work in 34 minutes! I jumped out of bed, and rushed to the bathroom. After hurriedly brushing my teeth, curling my hair, and putting on my makeup, I got dressed. I grabbed my purse, and the paintings I mad last night and went to the door. I quickly went out, locked the door, and ran to the elevator. I waited a couple seconds until it came, and entered. I pressed the button to the first floor. Come on, come on... Hurry up! Ding! The doors opened and I rushed outside.
"Morning, Brea!" the bellboy said.
"Morning, Andrew!" I replied as I sped past him. I got to my car and got in. I put my purse and the paintings in the passenger seat, and drove off. When I got to work I ran inside the enormous building, and was welcomed by my secretary.
"Good morning, Ms.Summers! I have your coffee, here," she handed me a cup of coffee.
"Thanks, Bronwyn. Iced white chocolate mocha with raspberry, right?"
She nodded.
"You're the best," I smiled.
"Thanks," she beamed. I walked to my office, and she broke off to hers. I put the new paintings in the corner, and sat at my desk. I checked my email and replied to all the messages, I had gotten overnight. 5 deals. Good business. I sipped my coffee, and watched the stock marketing for art, on my computer. This is going to be a long day... I continued recieving and sending confirmation emails, throughout the day. At about 4:00 pm, Bronwyn knocked on my door.
"Come in!"
She came in and sat in front of me.
"Great business, huh?" she smiled.
"Wonderful. Say, want to go to dinner with me tonight? After your dance class?" I asked. I needed to get my mind off things. I had just caught my boyfriend snogging another woman, and broke up with him. Bloody git.
"Yeah, I'd love to!" she replied.
"Great! I'm paying," I told her.
"Alright, well I got to hit the road. My class starts in 20. I can't let my students get there before me," she laughed. "Okay, break a leg," I told her.
She walked out the door, and I replied to my other emails. At around 6, I left the office and went back home. I parked my car and entered the lobby.
"Ello, Brea!" Andrew said.
"Hello, Andrew! How was your day?" I smiled.
"Great. Not too boring," he chuckled.
"Thats good. Well I have to get ready. Have a good rest of the day!" I waved him goodbye, and went up the elevator. I unlocked my door and was attacked by my black labrador retriever, Sirius. I was a fan of the Harry Potter book series, but I had never watched the movies. In my opinion, the books are better than the movies.
"Hello, Sirius!" I gave him some food then went to my room.
I put my purse on my bed, and walked into my closet. I changed into something more casual, and came back out. I laid down and closed my eyes for a minute or so, but was interrupted by Sirius, jumping on me.
"Thanks, Sirius buddy." I got up and texted Bronwyn.

Hey, dinners at Olive Garden, down the street from work. I'm on my way

A minute later she replied.

Kk. Sounds good. I'll be there soon

I got up and scratched Sirius' chin. Then I grabbed my purse and went to the door. I kissed Sirius' head and closed the door and locked it. I went to the elevator and pressed the button to the 1st floor. Ding! I exited and walked outside to my car. I got in and drove to the Olive Garden. I got a table for 2 and was seated immediately. Not too long later, Bronwyn came and took a seat at the table.
"So how was your dance lesson?" I asked.
"Great. But there was this bratty girl so I sent her to the corner and she cried!" she said.
I laughed, "Really?"
"Yeah, and her mum yelled at me. So I banned her from the studio!"
"Are you serious?! Jeez, Bronwyn!"
"Well, sorry! It was her fault!"
I laughed. "Wow."
Then our waitress came to take our order.
"Um, I'll have a chicken alfredo linguini," I said.
"Hmm, I'll have spaghetti and meatballs," Bronwyn ordered.
Soon after, we got our food and ate. The waitress came back and asked us if we'd like a sample of their new wine, and we said yes. She asked for our ID's and we showed them to her. She gave us each a glass of the wine, and she left. Bronwyn and I laughed and joked around until it got late. I signed the bill and we left.
"Alright, see you tomorrow," I waved.
"Yeah, good night!"she waved back and walked to her car.
I went through my purse and realized I left my chapstick at the table. Damnit.. I walked back inside and asked to go back to my table. They let me, and I went to our table and grabbed my chapstick. I put some on and dropped it in my purse. I walked back outside, rummaging through my purse for my cell phone, and accidentally ran into someone. I fell down and dropped my purse, and all my paperwork, and cosmetics spewed all over the floor. Whoever I bumped into helped me collect my things, and pulled me up.
"Blimey! I'm so sorry!" he said. He looked about my age and was quite handsome.
"Its alright. I'm fine," I said as I brushed off my bottom.
"Surely I could do something, as a sorry gift? Coffee maybe?" he smiled.
"No, no. It's alright," I said.
"Come on. I insist."
"Well alright. When?"
"Now maybe? I could use a coffee," he chuckled.
"I agree," I smiled.
"Great, um, would you like to walk? It's just across the street," he pointed at the Starbucks across the street. "Yeah, great."
We walked across the street and entered to coffee shop. We ordered (me getting my usual) and he paid for it. We sat at a table, and I shivered.
"You cold?"
"N-No I'm fine, thanks."
"Very well. So who is the beautiful woman, I have the pleasure of buying a coffee for?"
I blushed. "Brea Summers, you?"
I held out my hand. He took it and replied, "James Phelps."
"Well thank you James for this coffee," I smiled.
"My pleasure, Brea."
"So you live around here?" I asked.
"Yeah, a bit further by Surrey though. I'm here in London, on business."
"Thats cool. What kind of business?"
"Actually, I'm in a movie. Harry Potter, if you've heard of it," he said.
"I love those books. Never watched the movies though," I said.
"Yeah, the books are amazing aren't they? J. K. Rowling is a genius," he chuckled.
"I totally agree," I smiled, and sipped my coffee.
Just then a girl in her teens, maybe, came to our table and wanted an autograph from him. He signed a napkin and took a picture with her and she left.
"Pretty famous, I see," I laughed.
"I guess," he smiled.
Then an older man I recognized as one of my investors came up to our table.
"Ms. Summers? How wonderful to see you here!"
"Why hello, Mr. Smith!" I shook his hand and he looked over at James.
"You're girlfriend here, is a bloody hell of an art marketer! And she's a great friend outside of business. She helped me through a tight spot with my wife. I tell you Brea's a keeper!" he smiled.
James and I blushed, and he walked away. "Pretty famous, I see," he quoted me, and I laughed.
"I guess," I quoted back.
He laughed. I looked at my phone and it was already 11:48 pm.
"Blimey, it's late. I should go. I have work tomorrow. Thanks for the coffee," I said as I got up.
"Wait," he got up too.
"Well I was wondering if we could do this again? Dinner maybe?"
I smiled, "That sounds good."
We exchanged phone numbers and he kissed my cheek. I blushed, and said, "Thanks again for the coffee. See you around."
I walked back to my car, and waved goodbye. I drove back home and went up the elevator to the top. I unlocked my door and walked in. I put on my pjs and laid down, with Sirius. I stared at the ceiling and smiled. I scratched Sirius' chin. I yawned and closed my eyes, still smiling, and eventually fell asleep...

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