L is for Love, O is for Original, V is for Vibrant, E is for Everlasting [A James and Oliver Phelps Love Story]

@fredandgeorgeluvr and I, decided to write a James and Oliver Phelps love story! So here we gooooooo...
Enjoy! (:
~Brea and Lexi

Chapter 3

Another Day Another Dawn (Brea's POV)

I woke up the next morning washed my face, brushed my teeth, curled my hair, and got dressed. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=39373973 ) I was really early. It was about 6:30 AM, so I decided to call James.
It rang until I heard a, "Hello?"
"Hey James," I said.
"Hey Brea," he said as if he was smiling.
I smiled, "I'm a bit early for work, would you like to get some coffee and take a walk around Brockwell Park?"
"I'd love to actually. I'm off set until 1, so that'd be great."
I smiled wider, "Wonderful. Meet you at Starbucks in 5?"
"Agreed," he said.
"Okay, see you then. Bye."
I hung up the phone and my heart fluttered. I texted Bronwyn.

Hey have you ever felt like your heart flew away? What does it mean? -Brea
P.S. No need for coffee this morning(:

I got no reply so I fed Sirius and went down to my car. I drove to Starbucks and ordered my coffee. I paid and waited for James. He showed up a couple minutes later ordered his coffee and we started to walk towards the park.
"So how long have you lived here in London?" I asked.
"Ever since I was young. I love it here. It's kind of old-fashioned and traditional," he smiled.
"It is isn't it? I moved here with my mum when I was about 4 years old. I've loved it ever since."
He looked at me and smiled.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh come on. Tell me," I begged.
"It's just you're eyes are so green," he said.
"So I've heard.."
"No don't take me wrong. They're beautiful. And I'm pretty sure they were in my dream last night."
"Oh," I smiled, "Thank you."
I swung my empty hand lightly and took a sip of my coffee. His hand bumped into mine and we both blushed.
"Sorry," we both said simultaneously.
We both smiled.
"It's funny," he said, "That's never happened to me before with someone besides my brother."
"What's never happened?"
"Oliver and I always accidentally say things in unison. Its never happened to me with someone else," he laughed.
I smiled, "Oh."
"So have you ever been to St. Alban on Regent Street?" he asked.
"That one fancy restaurant right?" I asked.
"I've been there once for a corporate meeting. I sold a one-million euro painting there. Best night of my life," I smiled.
His eyes widened, "Wow. Thats amazing! Now I know the man from last night wasn't fibbing when he said you were a great art marketer."
I blushed, "I guess."
"Anyways, I was wondering, would you like to go for dinner on Saturday night there? With me?"
My eyes widened, "Really? I'd love to."
He smiled and blushed, "Thats great. So I'll pick you up at 7-ish on Saturday night?"
I nodded, "Pent-house at 54 The Phillimores."
"You live in the Phillimores?! The pent-house?!"
"...Yeah. Is that bad? I inherited it when my parents passed away in 2000. I moved in when I was eighteen. Before that I lived in East London with my Aunt. It was vacant from when I was thirteen until six years ago."
"No.. Thats great... I mean the inheriting it part. I'm sorry for your parents..."
"It's alright. I got older and grew away from it."
He held my hand and I blushed.
"I'll be there around seven," he smiled.
I smiled then looked at my watch. 7:45 am.
"Bloody hell I've got to go! I'll be late for work. I'm so sorry."
"It's okay. I had a great time."
I smiled, "Me too."
I kissed his cheek and grabbed a cab. I'll just pick up my car later. It's too far to drive it to work. I got in the cab and told the driver my destination and got there 15 minutes later.
"Thanks!" I paid the driver and ran to the doors. I entered and found Bronwyn waiting for me.
"Good morning, Brea," she smiled.
"Morning Bronwyn. Any messages?" I asked.
"Yes. One from Mr. Smith, and another from Ms. Anderson."
"Great. Emails?"
"24 new ones."
"Great. Thank you."
She nodded and walked to her office as I walked to mine. I answered my emails and returned my missed calls, and about an hour later, Bronwyn knocked on my door.
"Come in!"
She entered and brought me a vase of red roses.
My eyes widened, and I took the note in the roses.

For every minute I've been thinking of you. --James

I smiled and smelled them.
"They're beautiful. Who are they from?" Bronwyn asked and sat down.
I smiled and told her what happened last night and this morning.
"Wait... James Phelps?!" she asked.
"Yeah why?"
"I just met an Oliver Phelps yesterday morning!"
"Really?! That's his brother!"
"Oh my!" She laughed.
I laughed, "Small world, huh?"
We joked around a bit more and she finally replied to my text but in person.
"Well I have felt like my heart has fluttered away before... It was amazing. I'm pretty sure it means your in love," She said.
"But... Really? This early?"
She smiled, "Good luck chica," she got up and wet back down to her office.
I stared at the roses... I'm in love?

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