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Chapter 1

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Hey y'all! I keep going on FanFiction for Hunger Games stuff and reading the sumbit-your-own-tribute stories. And I really like 'em. So . . . (wait for it) I'M DOING ONE! First off, to make my life a tad bit easier, if you really want a tribute for District, say, 12, and there's already and boy and girl tribute, PLEASE DON'T ENTER ONE! Or else I'll have to switch up the districts and I'll make people unhappy and mad at me. :'( Also, I need people to enter mentors and escorts. You can enter one tribute, and one mentor/escort. If you see one from one district already, just pick another. I'll have nice guidelines below for y'all to follow. BE SPECIFIC POR FAVOR!


Gender- (Hey? I'm a blonde, and sometimes people have effed up names and I can't tell.)
Family- (I don't want a life story - just a little background info might be nice)
Weapon of choice- (no promises they'll get it)
Looks- (Be specific-ish. If you say they have brown hair, but no length, I'll make one up. You were forewarned.)
Token- (if any)
Interests- (optional)
Alliances- (just put yes or no if you want one, and I'll pair people together. Careers will most likely be clumped together)
Personality- (again, not TOO specific, but not too broad. Geez. This is like Goldilocks and her freakin' porridge.)
Are you gonna be pissed if they get killed in the Bloodbath?- (Hey, some people have to die, you know. And I don't pick favorites. Most likely, I'll just do eenie-meenie-minie-moe)

Oh, and be creative. If everyone is entering someone who is the "generic Katniss Everdeen," I'll most likely kill all of the Katnisses off except one in the Bloodbath. And if I don't get enough entries, I'll make a bunch of random crappy ones up who'll be Bloodbath. And I'll get a list up ASAP of the tributes and mentors/escorts.

Mentors/Escorts: (Remember, one escort per district and two mentors)

Surgical alterations- (escorts only)
How they won the Games- (optional; mentors only)
Anything else I might've forgotten for either?-

Thank y'all! HAVE A SUNSHINY DAY! . . . or night. Where ever in the world you are.

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