who will you marry?(part 64)

Chapter 1

Calm before the storm

Are u okay sweetheart? Sade says, your cheeks are red. Im okay I just think I need some water, you lie convincingly, as so many questions flow through your head cuz it seems the more you know about him Dante, the more you don’t know, but you not sure how but your going to get to the bottom of how he knows exactly what Vince is doing, and where ur sister is. And sometimes he can be so aloof your not sure how he feels about you, but then for brief moments like a few moments ago he makes you feel as if ur the only girl in the world and he would give anything to be with u forever. where is dawn when you need her? training, You sigh cuz if anyone could figure this out it would be her. About 5 minutes later a servant brings u a bottle water which you take gracefully. She pulls out a dress that is a knee length sleeveless satin sapphire dress, the dress was low cut in a v-shape on the top with a diamond at the end of the v, making it simple yet sensual at the same time, how did he know about this dress or was it just coincidence? Touching the dress, allowing the fabric to follow over your fingers before deciding to take the dress . Placing the dress in a box she brings it up to the register ringing it up. With the satrapy diamond jeweled sandals, with I’ll throw in with the dress for no charge the total comes to 1,500 dollars even. You blink twice as you have never paid that much for dress in your life even though it seems worth it, as if reading ur mind Shane says don’t worry coming up behind you handing her a credit card, think of it as early birthday present.

After he makes arrangements for ur dress to be delivered to the house, the rest of the day goes quickly as u and Shane get the royal treatment so to speak, as u get ur hair done and he gets his haircut and manicures and pedicures. Before you get into the carriage to go back home to get ready for ur party. Smiling he says this is what I always wanted for you to be placing his arm around you placing his hand on your upper thigh, before moving it up slightly looking into your eyes. As if looking for any signs of discomfort, what ever do you mean? you whisper sensually moving closer to him encouraging him to go further, pulling you into his lap you lean your head against his chest giving him free access to touch u. you lean ur head up looking up into his eyes a playful smile on your lips as he whispers that since the first time he saw you even though you were a child, I knew i wanted you to be pampered, as he traced your necklace around your neck with his fingertips. Spoiled, he said placing his left hand between ur legs, gently rubbing with his fingertips making u whimper slightly as he pulled u closer as his fingers expertly slipped into ur panties, touching ur womanhood. And mostly of all I wanted you to feel loved, inserting his fingers inside of you, kissing you lightly upon your lips murmuring I’ve been waiting for a chance like this ever since you arrived. Kissing him back warmly u smile as u enjoy the sensation as you have never seen this part of Shane before he is usually so prudish and reserved that to see him like this excites you in ways you never thought possible.

He stops, whispering if I go any further I think my friends, glancing at the people driving the carriage might start to suspect something, and we wouldn’t want that you giggle as you reach up gently tracing his pointy ears as you wriggle like a child on his lap.

Your eyes flutter open as you awaken when you feel soft fingers across your cheek, we’re home he says as you yawn removing yourself from his lap, and he takes your hand helping you down from the carriage. He holds ur hand as you and him, head into the house. As soon as you arrive the lovely smell of Michael’s cooking hits your nose as you see Michael happily cutting vegetables humming an unknown song and you smile as you see, Anthony who glances at Shane who Is still holding your hand. his eyes narrow dangerously, and you can feel his jealousy from here. Deciding to mess with Anthony as you say thank you for the gift, I had so much fun Shane, kissing him lightly on the cheek. and a low growl comes from his throat as you feel his mind touch yours and you close your mind to him deliberately ignoring him. Bringing your hand up to his lips he kisses your hand like a true gentleman saying the pleasure was all mine princess. Wiping his hand on the towel he says There was a package that arrived for you about an hour before you arrived Michael says flashing his dazzling smile making his blue shine even more. oh my dress you say happily running over to him and hug him as he hands u a long white package tied in pretty red and pink silk ribbons.


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