School HP


Chapter 1

Hmm Which School...?


[] You are Pureblooded
[] You prefer the Dark Arts
[] You like cold weather
[X] You like the color red
[] You prefer a very high standard of magical excellence
[] You prefer larger grounds to a larger castle
[] You want all of your fellow classmates to be strong pure witches and wizards, no half breeds, muggleborns, etc.

Total: 1

[] You would prefer more years of study before taking your O.W.L.s
[X] You prefer warmer weather (Beauxbatons is in the South of France)
[] You want a palace for a school, not an old stone castle
[] You enjoy finer foods
[] You'd rather a higher standard of respect for the professors at your school
[] You are a Half-breed, or don't mind taking classes with half-breed students (half Veela, etc.)

Total: 1 (I see how this is going...)

[X] You don't mind attending school with muggleborns, purebloods, and halfbloods
[X] You prefer Defense Against the Dark Arts
[X] You are Half-Blooded, or Muggleborn
[X] You want to be Sorted into House best fitting your talents
[X] You prefer a larger castle rather than large school grounds
[X] You'd rather be taught the average level of magical knowledge, rather than spending extra years with harder more advanced levels of study
[X] You want to start school younger rather than waiting an extra year or two (Beauxbatons was mentioned as having school begin at age 12, and then also having an extra year before OWLs are taken)

Total: 7



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