One magical place connecting us. (A Hogwarts love story -Draco Malfoy and George Weasley-)

One magical place connecting us. (A Hogwarts love story -Draco Malfoy and George Weasley-)

This is a new story written by Kayleigh (Slytherinbeatle) and Silke (iHeartPotterTheBeatles). Basically it is about two very different girls with very different backgrounds but they have one thing in common. Magic.

Chapter 3

He's not a typical Slytherin.

Kayleigh's P.O.V.

I pushed my trunk down King's Cross station, making my way to Platform 9 3/4.
"Kayleigh!" I suddenly heard. I turned around to face Silke, one of my best friends. She hugged me tightly, only to release me a second later. "Had a nice summer?" she whispered.
"No one's here silly!"
"Well, you're brother looks rather suspicious," she answered, pointing at Will who was trying out the perfect spot to run into the wall. "First year aye?" Silke smiled. I nodded as Will had finally made it's way through the wall. "Three Winter Slytherins," Silke smiled as she and I slowly proceeded to walk towards the wall.
"I don't think he'll be a Slytherin," I sighed. Silke turned to face me. "What do you mean?"
"I just don't think he's a typical Slytherin," I decided.
"That doesn't mean anything," Silke said. I looked at her in confusion.
"Let's face it, neither are you," were her last words before she ran through
the wall towards our platform.
I sighed and followed her, knowing that she would probably be with her family or Gryffindor friends by now. For some reason those Gryffindors never quite seemed to like me.

I walked down platform 9 3/4 to say my final goodbyes to my parents. My mother was with tears in her eyes, hugging Will tightly. "Mother, he has to live before he can actually go on the Hogwarts express," I joked as I pulled Will out of my mother's tight grip. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Take care of him," she whispered. I nodded and gave my father a quick hug.
"Come on Cakes," my brother yelled as he tried to pull my trunk towards the train. I waved my parents goodbye before I got hold of my trunk again.
"Hi Luna!" I greeted my other best friend. She waved happily and got into the train, where she would probably burst into someone’s compartment and begin a conversation about the most random things.
Will suddenly decided to leg it, running towards two kids whom live in our town. Together they jumped on the train, finding their own compartment. I sighed and took one bag off of my trunk and stepped onto the Hogwarts Express.
"Why hello there!" I suddenly heard. I turned around and smiled when I saw Draco petting my cat. Kyrash was snoring happily as Draco's hand repeatedly stroke her head. "Great, now even my cat steals away my friends," I laughed. Draco smiled at me and carefully picked Kyrash up from my trunk. "Crabbe, Goyle! Help the girl with her trunk would you!" Draco yelled at his followers, I guess this is the best term for them. As Crabbe and Goyle made their way into the train with my luggage, Draco stepped onto the express as well, making the space between us minimum. "Who said we were friends," he whispered, keeping his smirk on his face. I smiled and playfully pushed him back.
"Caaaaaakes!" I heard Will yell. I looked at him, exhausted from the running. "What is it?" I asked.
"There is this boy, and he says... he says that he can turn Legsie into a spoon!" Will exclaimed.
"Well, that sounds... fun," I hesitated. Will nodded heavily and before he ran he quickly yelled "Bye Cakes, bye Draco!"
Draco laughed a quick bye before turning to me again. "Don't ask," I smiled, as I knew he wanted to know why my little brother calls me 'Cakes'. I followed Draco towards the place all the Slytherins sat, he was still carrying Kyrash and she had her eyes closed, allowing Draco to pet her more. "So he's got a cat then?"
"Huh?" I asked confused.
"Will. I don't think he would call an owl Legsie," Draco stated. I shook my head. "It's a toad, Legsie Slugs," I explained. Draco turned and looked at me with a blaming look. I knew exactly what he was thinking; Will wasn't a Slytherin. "I am fearing he might even be a Hufflepuff," Draco coughed.
"I hope not," I answered.
"At least it's not a Gryffindor," Draco concluded while walking into his compartment.
Before I followed him I noticed Silke following Ginny Weasley. I vaguely smiled at her; she answered it with a smile just as awkward before she got pulled into a compartment by one of the Weasley twins. I turned around and went to sit next to Draco, to Pansy’s dismay.

When we had arrived at the great hall my cat decided to disappear to the Slytherin common room, so I guess Draco had to leave his best friend for this one. We walked to our table and as we neared the other Slytherins I saw Draco turning into his harsh self. I never understood why he was so different around others; I also wondered why he wasn't with me.
Just as we sat down, the first years walked in a long row through the gigantic doors. I noticed Will walking next to two boys whom I recognized from shopping in Diagon Alley, they seemed to hit it off. They all looked so nervous though, it almost made me feel sorry for them.
We sang along with the Hogwarts song and listened while the hat finished it’s own. We witnessed multiple young wizards and witches being sorted into their houses and finally Professor McGonagall called out "Winter, William?"
I smiled proudly as Will made his way towards the little stool. He sat down and the hat was placed on his head. I turned my head to smile at Jake, my older brother, and I saw a small smile on his face too. We heard how the hat was happy to be sorting the last of the Winter three, as he liked to call us. Draco nudged me grinning as the hat said Will would be a great Slytherin.
"But, I do have to say that you are different than your brother and sister," the hat suddenly said. I yanked my head up to look at the hat on top of Will. "I have to say that Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are excluded very easily. That leaves Slytherin. The house where you’re brother, sister and father belong to. And Gryffindor. Decisions, decisions."
I gave a desperate look at Jake, who had turned a little pale. I knew I didn't want Will to be a Slytherin, since I didn't want this house to ruin who he was, but I definitely didn't want him to be a Gryffindor. That would ruin his life all together.
"I've got it!" the hat finally called, "GRYFFINDOR!!"
The way Will stepped off of the stool and walked over to the Gryffindor table seemed to be in slow motion. The usually loud clapping of the Gryffindor table now sounded like a lost cricket in the middle of the day: awkward. I turned to Jake, whose head rested in his hands. Jake's best friend Blaise Zabini shot an angry look at the Gryffindor table, as he hated blood traitors. "I always knew the Winters were a disgrace for us Slytherins," I heard Pansy say. I didn't even bother turning my head to her, making her feel superior. I heard professor Dumbledore ramble on about a certain Umbridge who was going to be our new DADA teacher, new rules and what not. Nothing really got through to me; I just kept thinking how my little brother ended up in the rival house. If it was Ravenclaw, my mother’s house, it would've been even sort of acceptable, but Gryffindor?
Suddenly a new voice broke into my mind. I looked up at a new person I did not know yet all dressed in pink, I assumed she was our new DADA teacher. She was talking in a rather fearful way about changes that would happen to Hogwarts. I eyed Draco, who shrugged. Something told me I wasn’t going to like this new teacher. Great; one more thing to worry about.

After dinner I went to the Slytherin common room straight away. I heard a 'miauw' from my bedside table so I smiled and petted Kyrash on her head. I sat down on my bed and allowed her to sit on my lap. I suddenly heard footsteps running up the stairs to the girls’ sleeping dorm. I turned to see Jake standing in the doorway. "You have to help him," he said.
"Help who?" I asked in confusion.
"Our brother of course! That boy will end up getting killed if none of us looks after him!"
"And why do I have to take this job? If I remember well you are his big brother!" I barked. Jake frowned a little; I knew he was thinking about me. "That’s right, you didn’t care about me when I had trouble with my house, why bother helping Will?"
"I just think you are better at this kind of things," Jake sighed as he turned around and walked away. I let out an angry groan and followed him. "You’re just a coward Jacob! A yellow, stinking coward!" I yelled. The room was slowly filling up with Slytherins, they were now staring at me with a confused look on their face. Jake slowly turned around and looked at me with his sparkling blue eyes. "I can't do it," he decided and he turned around to walk out of the common room.

I walked up the stairs towards the portrait of the Fat Lady. I saw a small boy sitting next to it with his head in his hands. "Hey," I said with a cracking voice. Will looked up and showed a weak smile.
"Enjoyed dinner?" I asked. Will nodded and then placed his head back in his hands.
"Do you like your house?" I managed to get out as I sat down beside him. Will shrugged and rested his head on my shoulder. "You don’t like it do you?" he whispered. I looked at him and brushed a lost strand of hair out of his face. "If this is who you are, I love it," I said, trying to smile. Will looked up at me, a lost look in his grey eyes. I smiled as I wetted my thumb with my tongue and wiped away a little sauce that was left on his cheek.
"You're not mom Cakes," he smiled.
"At Hogwarts, I kind of have to be," I smiled back. Will stood up with a little more confidence. "So you’re going to help me if I have any troubles?" he asked.
"That's my job."
"Okay..." Will decided, hesitantly looking at the Fat Lady’s portrait.
"What?" I asked.
"Well, you kind of have to leave before I say the password," Will said.
"Boy gets sorted and turns all bossy," I laughed as I stood up. The Fat Lady was giving me an angry look so I quickly kissed Will’s cheek and turned on my heels. As I walked down the stairs I saw Silke coming up. "Take care of him," I whispered, locking eyes with her. She gave me a quick nod and walked into the Gryffindor common room behind my little brother. I sighed; at least somebody was looking after him.

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