One magical place connecting us. (A Hogwarts love story -Draco Malfoy and George Weasley-)

One magical place connecting us. (A Hogwarts love story -Draco Malfoy and George Weasley-)

This is a new story written by Kayleigh (Slytherinbeatle) and Silke (iHeartPotterTheBeatles). Basically it is about two very different girls with very different backgrounds but they have one thing in common. Magic.

Chapter 32

With A Little Help From My Friends

Silke's P.O.V

My vision was blurred and I heard some screams and shouts in the background. All I could think about was the excruciating pain I felt all over my body. It was cold, yet warm and as I tried to lift my head all I could see was the face of the woman I hated the most. The woman who had crushed my life.
'Not the big girl anymore huh?' Bellatrix haughty voice made me shiver. I looked up to her and shot her the best death glare I could in all of my pain.
'Mobilicorpus,' Someone close by screamed and all of a sudden Bellatrix Lestrange flew to the other side of the room. 'Silke, are you okay?' I locked my eyes with George's, 'Please if you hear me, say something!' George blurted out desperately.
'I'm so sorry George,' I pleaded, 'Seriously, I have been acting like a retard over the past few weeks and I'm just really...' I was interrupted by a impatient Fred.
'I don't mean to intrude you guys during this romantic moment but, Petrificus Totalus,' Fred gasped while casting a spell to a death eater, 'We're in quite a fatal and risky position. And I really don't want to loose my life, so please get up and fight.'
George carefully carried me in bridal style and said, 'I'll get you to a safe spot!'
'George, I want to fight,' I breathed for air as I tried to untie myself of his firm grip. We both watched the fighting crowd for a few seconds. I saw Kayleigh fighting Malfoy Senior and Fred had wandered off to duel Dolohov, 'Why is there so much evil in this world?' I questioned. We remained silent and tried to hide ourselves behind some weird shaped rock.
'We'll be save here, for now.' George whispered in my ear while he tried to cover the bleeding wound on my forehead.

Our attention was drawn to the middle of the 'battlefield next to the veil'. Bellatrix Lestrange had been fighting her cousin Sirius for quite some time now. They had been casting furious spells at each other while Harry fought courageous next to his godfather.
'Stupefy.' Bellatrix hollered as she aimed her wand at Sirius. That was all she had to do, the spell made Sirius Black stagger and he fell through the veil. Harry howled and Remus prevented Harry from going after Sirius. The fight stopped for a minute. Everyone was staring at the heartbreaking scenery. Some with a nasty smile, others with an astonished look plastered on their face.
Bellatrix observed triumphantly what she had caused and chanted immaturely, 'I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black.'
'I'm going to kill you.' Harry murmured.
'Come out, come out, little Harry! What did you come after me for, then? I thought you were here to avenge my dear cousin!' Bellatrix taunted while Harry chased her.
'I am!'
And the last thing we could hear before they left the room was: 'Aaaaaah…did you love him, little baby Potter?' Then the fighting started all over again. Another great flash of light filled the room. And next to me I could hear George pant. Albus Dumbledore had arrived. More importantly, with the arrival of the greatest wizard of all time, the deatheaters fled. The bastards.

We only saw Dumbledore for a brief second because he already left before we even knew it. He had left the same way Bellatrix and Harry had.
'George,' I said, now feeling stronger, 'We need to check upon the others.'
George examined me caring and he gave me a quick peck on my forehead, 'Do I need to carry you?' I shook my head while I shot him a smile. The only thing I wanted to do now was to check upon Kayleigh and whether she was doing alright!

George and I slowly strolled towards the middle of what had been a battlefield just seconds ago. It wasn't hard to find Kayleigh since she was helping Ron to get back on his feet again. I stumbled towards her and hugged her tightly.
'God you're bleeding!' I cried out while I tried to dab the wound on her shoulder.
Kayleigh just grinned and pointed at my own wound, 'Please check upon yourself first, Blondie.'
'It still surprises me how the fight escalated,' Ron blended in while we greeted Hermione and Ginny, 'I mean, that was one hell of a fight!'
Hermione answered astonished, 'I don't know whether you have been paying attention, Ron, but your best friend still is in a fight.'
We all went quiet and a worried look spread on Ron's face, 'Oh right I forgot.'
'He must be alright, Dumbledore is with him right?' Neville stated. We all agreed but still decided to check upon Harry

As Ron, Hermione, Kayleigh, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Fred, George and I entered the Ministry Atrium the fight had ended already.
'Merlin's beard, here here, in the Ministry of Magic, great heavens above, it doesn't seem possible, my word, how can this be?' Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic yelled with disbelief all spread across his face.
Despite the awful situation I couldn't hide a smirk. The minister had finally evidence to conclude that the dark lord had, indeed, returned and that Harry and Dumbledore hadn't lied.
Harry eventually crawled back up and walked towards his group of friends.
'Harry you are alright!' Hermione cried out while tears streamed down her face.
Ron patted him on his back, 'God, you startled us mate.'
'How did you defeat him?' Fred questioned.
'I know you're all curious but Harry really needs his rest right now. Same goes for you by the way. We have to bring you all back to Hogwarts.' Dumbledore implied.

back at Hogwarts

'Cheer up Harry. It's almost holiday! And we're going to have a blast at the dinner.' I told Harry. He had been sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room since breakfast and he needed to get ready for the End-of-Term feast.
Ron joined us, 'Yes mate, get moving.'
'It's all my fault that he died.' Harry sighed while another tear rolled down his cheek.
'You were also the reason that eleven out of the twelve death eaters were caught. Sirius would be proud of you...' Hermione tried to perk him up.
'Now please come along, he definitely wouldn't be proud of you if he saw you sitting here. I mean, Sirius was all in for a party right?' I said while I held out my hand for Harry to grab it.
Harry got the hint and walked, together with Ron, Hermione and me, with great dislike towards the great hall, 'Thanks for being there for me, guys.'
'Always.' Ron, Hermione and I said in unison. Silently we smirked.
As we entered the great hall I saw Kayleigh immediately. She was sitting by hearself, all the Slytherins had abandoned her after they found out about what had happened at the ministry. I gave her a smile and mouthed happily, 'We win the cup, again.'
Luckily, Kayleigh beamed with delight and shot back, 'This time you will indeed. But next time will be different...' Then she put up her thumbs and looked at Malfoy who had just entered the great hall. I sighed why was life so hard?

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