Kick It Up A Notch (A Junior Love Story) based on Starship

Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

I'm here to get the job done!

"Whoa! Sorry K90X!" I exclaim as I knock down the space dog. It gives me a slight glare (can K90Xs glare?) before quickly walking away.
"You there! Are you the new recruit?" a young looking man, er girl, er... someone asks.
I nod and then gasp as I recognize who this is. Taz the war hero. And where there's Taz there has to be.... "Commander Up!" I exclaim as the tall, weathered man limps onto the deck. I give him a salute as he stares me down.
"This is our newest ranger Up," Taz informs him, examining her nails with a look of disinterest.
"Well good. It's nice to see a new face," Up says, shaking my hand.
"I'm Lauren Davis sir, it's so nice to meet you. You're my idol!" I gush, pumping his hand enthusiastically. "And don't you worry sir, I'll find that criminal if it's the last thing I do!"
"Criminal? You're sending the new girl out for Junior?" Taz asks in disbelief.
"Well we'll all help. I'm not exactly sure how he got away from the bugs since he was supposed to be eaten alive but... Specs is never wrong and she says she's definitely picked up another human life-form on the surface of Bug World."
"We'll get him sir! And I'll help in all the ways I can. I'm here to get the job done!" I say with another salute.
Up grins and nods before walking out. Taz turns to follow but pauses for a moment. "You better listen to anything Up or I say or you won't last more than two seconds out there. Comprende you little churro?"
I nod, the smile still plastered on my face. Taz nods and walks out, leaving me to admire the new ship I'll be calling home. Nothing, not even Taz's bad mood, can get me down.

Lauren Davis
Looks: Long blonde hair, bright green eyes, average height and weight
Personality: Wants to be the best she can be. Helpful, smart, but sometimes misguided and a bit clumsy.

Gotta get back up. You gotta get back, get back up

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