Kick It Up A Notch (A Junior Love Story) based on Starship

Enjoy :)

Chapter 3

Farm Planet

"Mega-Girl!" a man calls, running down the hall I'm exploring. "Mega-Girl!" He stops when he notices me watching. "Who are you?"
"The new recruit, Lauren Davis," I answer, offering him my hand.
"Well I'm Tootsie Mega-Girl."
Tootsie Mega-Girl? What kind of name is that? "Um, okay?"
"Cuz I'm from Farm Planet," Tootsie raises his voice. "And on Farm Planet..."
"Your first name is what you do and your second name is what you love," I finish. "I took a foreign planets class at the Academy. So who's Mega-Girl?"
"She's my wife."
"And her name is... Mega-Girl?" Is this some Farm Planet name? So she megas... Gets mega sized meals? And loves girls?
"Of course that's her name! She's a... A Mega-Girl!"
"No need to shout Tootsie," I say, trying to calm the over-excited man. "Wait, what do you mean she's a Mega-Girl? Do you mean a Mega-Girl unit? Like a... robot?"
"She's the prettiest robot I've ever seen!"
I pull out my zapper and aim it at Tootsie. "You have a robot on board the starship?!"
"Whoa! What's going on?" Up asks, appearing behind me.
"This traitor has a robot," I say through grit teeth. Up will be so proud of me. It's only my first day and I've already apprehended a bad guy!
"Aw put away your zapper Private. Tootsie's robot is tame."
"Tame? No robot is tame Up," I say on the verge of tears.
"Now come on Lauren. Tootsie, go round up the others so they can meet our newest member."
"Yes sir! I will!" Tootsie salutes before hurrying off.
"Sir, you can't be serious about that robot..."
"I am. You'll see, she's nice. I read up on you before you arrived, I understand why you were nervous. But I can assure you that you're safe while you're aboard my ship."
I nod, still shaking a bit. Back on earth my parents had been very outspoken against G.L.E.E. and were experts on all of the conspiracies involving them. Of course they had been right all along and they stepped up their resistance after we heard the news about the Bug World fiasco.
But then everything went wrong. Doctor Space Claw was tired of dealing with my parents and they had been personally taken care of by his new robot army. I was the only one who survived his wrath, and that's only because my patents had gotten wind of the planned attack and sent me away. So I suppose this mission is more than just an assignment for me. It's personal.
"Just remember, we've all dealt with robots at one time or another. All of us know how you feel," Up says, patting my shoulder. "Now, let's go to the mess hall and I'll introduce you to our team alright?"
I nod and compose myself before allowing Up to lead me to the ship's cafeteria. As we walk in I see a small group of people and one overly-large ant sitting at a table. "There you are. We thought you got lost!" Tootsie exclaims as we approach the table.
"Everyone this is Lauren Davis," Up introduces me. "Lauren you already met Tootsie and Taz. The others are February," a ditzy looking blonde girl waves, "Specs," another girl with poofy brown hair, "Bug," the bug obviously, "and Krayonder," a tall guy with light hair who looks like he's surprised by something.
"Hi," I say with a small smile. These are my teammates. The people that will help me avenge my parents.
"Hey!" Krayonder says loudly with a wave.
"Nice to meet you," Bug tells me, shaking my hand. Okay, a talking bug is going to take some getting used to...
"Sorry I am late," a robotic voice says from behind me. I turn and see a robot looking at me. Reflexively I grab my zapper, but Up stops me.
"Mega-Girl, this is Lauren. Lauren this is Tootsie's wife Mega-Girl."
"So you really are married to a robot?" I ask Tootsie. "That's sick."
"Finally! Someone who agrees with me!" Taz exclaims.
"I love her!" Tootsie says, pulling Mega-Girl over to him.
"Dude, like I said before, that's wild!" Krayonder exclaims.
"Sir, may I go get my inhaler?" Specs asks.
"Oh I know why you need one, it's because of all the oxy-gen," February tells her.
Maybe I need some new teammates....

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