My Chem Short Stories (Better one)

My Chem Short Stories (Better one)

this is the same as the other one i wrote only i screwed the last one.... oopsie!!

Chapter 1

I Dont Love You

by: Matt_
She stood in the forest as the snow fell, her black dress contrasting with her white skin. Her long black hair covered her face but though her head was bent in silence it was plain she was beautiful. She lifted her head, the snow falling in a silver waterfall, to move her blood red lips into a smile. Her eyes were closed but they seemed to glow beneath her long black lashes. She began chanting softly and her voice grew louder and more mysterious as she began to sing. Her silken dress fluttered in the wind as she raised her hands high, palms to the sky. She opened her eyes and they were as gold as the sun.

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