Sorry! :(

Y'all can probably guess what this is about. :/

Chapter 1


I know that you guys are probably extremely tired of people posting stories about how they're really sorry they can't log on because of school, but unfortunately it kinda has to be done.

Normally it wouldn't have been a problem for me, because I finish all of my homework at school then have all the time afterwards for Quibblo, but this year...erm...things changed.

Our school district has been having money problems for the past maybe 4 years, and end up cutting stuff from the ciriculum to keep the school going. For example, in 6th grade, we were supposed to go to out doors school, but they cut that just before my class was about to go.

Because of cutting the electives, and classes and teachers, our class sizes are bigger than ever. (there are more than 35 kids in each class on average now) and in turn, this makes the remaining teachers have to buckle down more. Every single teacher gives us homework at least 3 nights a week, and won't help you catch up if you were absent.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, 'Oh, but R.J., 3 nights of homework from all 8 of your teachers isn't that bad!' and usually I would agree with you. But unfortunately, since at the end of the school year last year I had straight A's I got placed in all Honor classes (like AP classes, but for middle schoolers). Even Honors U.S. History, which is weird because I've never even taken history, and I suck at remembering dates and times. >:/

And since they're all Honors classes, I get more homework, the tests are specifically made to be harder, and today half of my teachers told us that they would be surprised if we got a higher grade than a 'C'. One of them even told us that at least half of us would fail. (yeah, how's that for encouragement? XD)

So as you can see, I will be getting a very tight schedule from here on out, but I'll try to get on as much as I possibly can. (I still need to finish judging the Original stories contest too, so sorry it's taking so long!!)

Thank you if you understand, and have a nice life! ^_^ see ya when I can,



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