Child of Destiny(part 3)

Chapter 1

New Friend

What was that all about? Oh him she says quickly, well he is a bit of a player and an ego with an inferiority complex a mile wide, and totally hot you add helpfully. Isis!! She says looking shocked, relax girl you giggle just because he is hot doesn’t mean I do anything with him, yet. Shaking her head sadly she stops the next door saying this is another u should watch out for. Going into the room, u become unsure if this is a guy room, it very plush comfortable like it had been made for royalty, yet the boy who lounged on a couch with soft throw pillows, with gilded legs that sat upon a soft silk carpet woven with glittering threads of gold and silver.He seemed completely oblivious to both u as he laid with hands behind his head, with his eyes closed with his beautiful feminine like dark lashes fluttering ever so slightly, as the sun seems to make his tanned skin glow. Gabe, u awake she says waving a hand in front of his face, he opens one eye glancing at Luna before closing it again saying, what do you want? Oh nothing she coos I just wanted to introduce you to our guest. At the word guest both eyes open and he sits up swinging his legs around, placing his feet on the floor before standing. He is a whole head taller than you are but thin and lanky but very graceful. As he seems to glide up to you. His hair is shoulder length and is so black that it almost looks blue and very light and flowing. He stands before you as you stare up into his eyes which are hazel but flecked with brown, bowing gracefully he murmurs his Spanish accent coming through clearly Gabriel de Castillo at your service but everyone calls me Gabe, im Isis you grin as you hold out your hand to him, standing his eyes seem to entrap yours and seem to promise days of lust, laziness and romance. Your knees begin to feel weak as the world around you seems to spin you hold out your hand to steady yourself, and u feel a gentle but firm hand lead to chair and helps u sit down

Look at me, how many fingers am I holding up? Are the next words u hear as blink at Gabriel who is kneeling before u with ur face in his right hand while looking into ur eyes. 2 u say blinking slowly trying the cobwebs from your mind, as u look to ur friend Luna who looks truly worried. Why did u not teach her to open her self to her powers? He says critically to her(Luna) and before she could answer he says never mind I’ll do it. Hold on you say to Gabriel, what do mean powers, as in flying, super strength, etc. He thinks for a minute then says it depends on who ur parent is, and we have two kinds of powers ones that naturally protect us and ones we must intentionally use. For example since my father is Eros if I were to leap from that window intentionally or unintentionally my wings would activate to stop me from falling to my death, also like my friend Luna here if I want something bad enough it will naturally me seek out and will also defend me against the powers of others gods. Wow, you seem to know a lot about your powers you smile, of course I do he says prideful, my father is one of the oldest gods there is and he made sure I had the best education. So you want help me activate my natural powers?, that is correct, he nods and if he read ur mind he continues saying it wont hurt a bit.

Luna interrupts saying Gabe, they said not to activate her powers till they spoke to her. Nonsense, it will not do anyone any good if she continually faints in presence of gods, besides what’s the worst that could happen? Well she angrily if anything bad happens im going to tell them it was all your fault anyway. Grabbing both of ur hands in his he tells u to empty ur mind thinking of nothing, taking a deep breath you do as instructed drawing open the mediation technique u learned from doing yoga. Now he says since ur mother was the goddess of femininity and motherhood I want u think of all the things that u think about when u think about being feminine and a mother. Relaxing you embrace about being a female, the softness of your touch, your sensuality, natural beauty, the fierceness of a mother protecting her child, unconditional love for her child, caring tenderly for the child…., warmth begins to fill u as let the thoughts flow when you hear someone yelling for you to stop. Opening ur eyes u see poor Gabe on the floor out cold, but it doesn’t seem to phase you as the power continues to flow through you, its like the best high u have ever had, better than smoking weed, drinking and put all together and you dnt want to let this feeling go.

What have u done? ur friend Luna says looking horrified at you, then a familiar face comes in, Luna’s mom artemis who was a head shorter than you with light brown hair and gray eyes, comes in yelling at Luna, saying I told u not let anyone activate her power till I spoke to her, and I told you to bring her straight to me not have her gavalnting with the guys, just what in the hell were u thinking? Your shocked as her mom continues to yell at her, as another woman who looks kind of like u with her dirty blond free flowing hair and she is tall and very slender with baby blue eyes with long black lashes making her look totally feminine. Touching your shoulder, she says in a soft soothing voice that sound like music, it okay sweetheart I know it feels good but u must let go, even though u like the feeling u push it way, but u still feel it like its still there but within in hands reach if u want it. It finally sinks in when u see Gabe still on the floor, is he going to be okay? You say looking up at her as u feel ashamed that u let urself get carried away like that, dnt worry he going to be okay touching your cheek smiling at you trying to comfort you as her hand glows briefly as she touches Gabe cheek and his eyes open as she helps sit up on the bed, tenderly checking him over for any injuries like a typical mother or grandmother. After she makes sure he is okay, she rounds on artemis who is still berating your friend Luna who is uncharateriscally silent, her cheeks are red with her fist clenched. stop harassing the poor girl, im sure she feels bad enough, and she was doing what u should have been doing when she got here or have you forgot what it feels to be out of your element. don’t u dare tell how to raise my child, artemis growls in her throat, I wouldn’t dream of it she says sweetly, but I doubt your going to get anywhere with her if u continue to berate as u doing, So she can turn soft hearted little breeder like you, I don’t think so. The mystery lady’s eyes turn frosty, and she says to Luna and you, step out of the room ladies, I think me and your mother need to have a talk. Taking a hint you and her step out into the hallway and the door slams shut behind you and you can hear them yelling through the door.

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