Metamorphosis: II

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Chapter 1

Mine in Montana

I opened my eyes groggily, and looked around.
Helen was leaning against Jesse, and Jesse against her. They were both deep asleep.
I tried to ignore the pang inside me, and my eyes roamed further. Lan was behind the wheel, looking excited. Hurley was riding shotgun, his head leaning against the passenger window. Vincent Watson was wedged in between them like a sandwich, and looked wide awake.
I groaned. "How much longer?," I asked.
He grinned at me. "Well, good... afternoon to you too. About half an hour until we're officially in Montana."
I felt wide awake and excited. It also explained Lan's bouncy mood.
I glanced out the window. We'd been driving for over a day now, with pauses, of course.
I stretched, accidentaly knocking Jesse against his head. His eyes flew open.
I stared back guiltily. He smiled, and quickly removed his head from Helen's shoulder.
"How long?," he asked, stretching his back and arms carefully.
"Half an hour."
He grinned, and yawned. I rubbed my arms. "Lan, would you mind turning the airconditioning off?," I asked.
Lan looked over her shoulder. "Be a little tough, Leah!," she said cheerily.
I rubbed my arms grumpily, and Jesse chuckled. "I would've warmed you up, but I'm cold myself."
I raised my eyebrow at him. "You can try."
Watson snorted at my cheesy flirt attempt, but quickly covered it up with a cough when I glared at him.
"You know, Jesse, " Watson said, looking over his shoulder, "If I were you, I'd do it, before I climb over my seat to warm her up."
Jesse shot a glare at Watson, and then casually wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
I shot a triumphant look at the sleeping Helen. So far, I was winning the war.
But then again, Helen wasn't awake to use her charming witch powers on Jesse.
I made sure to snuggle close to Jesse, throwing occasional looks at Helen.
I saw goosebumps on my arms, and quickly crossed them. Jesse had been right: He was cold.
But I wasn't going to let that get in the way of him, me, and his arm.
I heard a soft groan, and I saw Helen rubbing her pretty eyes.
In what must've been an ancient instinct to win the alpha male, I hopped on Jesse's lap, facing him, while slyly sliding my leg around his waist.
Jesse turned red, and Helen blinked in suprise.
I pretended to reach for something behind Jesse, and smiled at him, before sliding off of his lap again. I gave him a wink.
I looked at Helen. My body language had been clear: Mine.
I leaned against Jesse again. He seemed too baffled to say anything. Watson stared at me, shaking his head slowly, a small smile on his face at my boldness.
I saw the board first, and hooted. Helen and Jesse jumped nervously, and Hurley woke up with a grunt.
I pointed at the board. "Welcome in Montana," I said with a smile.

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