Runaway Love (JB Story)

Runaway Love (JB Story)

This is Justins pov of I Need Just(in) Somebody ;) You got to hear/read Merisa side of the story and what she had to say about Justin, but what does Justin have to say about Merisa; for good or bad? Also things that happen that Merisa never said. Hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter 1


My first ever concert opening up for Merisa Willams. I always had a celeb crush on her and even wrote a song for her with the help of Usher. Ryan and Chaz were coming with me on the tour.
Me-"hey man"
I said man hugging with them.
Chaz-"so dude you touring with the 'Merisa' that's so unreal"
Me-"I know right"
Ryan-"she's hot too, you guys think I have a chance with her?"
There was a long awkward slince, then we brusted out laughing.
Justin-"nah dude once she gets a slice of the biebs she'll never look at a guy the same way again"
I smiled
Chaz-"OKAY! Haha you guys wish"
We all looked at Ryan
Ryan-"Isnt she going out with Taylor Lautner"
Chaz-"I can change that"
We playfully pushed Chaz.
We fought over her, and then played xbox for a while.
Pattie-"hey guys when did you get here?"
Ryan looked at his watch," like an hour ago."
Pattie-"Oh well you guys need to get to bed because Justin you need to wake up early"
Justin-"We truned off the xbox"
-Next Day-
(Merisa Wearing-
Justin, Chaz, and Ryan Wearing-
We all walked into the arena, and started to fight over who gets their chance first with Merisa.
Scooter-"Guys!" We all looked at him "If your going to be like this then none of you are going to meet her"
We saw her and row shame bow.
Chaz-"Ha I win!"
Chaz went up to we stood close by to see what was going to happen. She was on the phone talking to someone, she took one look at Chaz and laughed. Than Taylor Lautner came out of no where and kissed her. Chaz came back.
Justin-"Haha dude that was sad"
Ryan-"Now its my turn, but not yet"
Dierctor Jim-"Okay guys Merisa I'm going to have you sing a song with Justin. How does that sound?"
Merisa-"uh let me think.. No!"
(A/N:Haha Just made up the name Jim I have no other names that come to mind :) )
Ryan-"Shes a brat"
Chaz"She may be but a hot one"
We looked at Chaz
Chaz-"What, I only speak the truth"
We laughed, and walked towards were Merisa and Jim went.
Merisa-"But he sounds like a girl"
I couldnt just let her talk about me like thaat.
Justin-"and you sound like a guy"
She gasp.
Justin-"kiss me"
She gave me a disguted look.
Jim-"enough of this you guys are going to sing the song and that's final!"
He left I looked at Merisa, she smirked me and walked off. I walked back to the guys.
Justin-"I change my point of view of her."
Chaz-"nah dude it's that she dosnt like you"
Merisa walked towards us Ryan and Chaz were blushing really bad, and I too felt my face turn hot and red.
Merisa-"if were going to sing this song, we might as well start on it"
She walked towards her dressing room I followed so did Chaz and Ryan. Once we got their she sat down, we sat on the couch.
Merisa-"I'm Merisa by the way"
Ryan-"I'm Ryan" he said while winking at her.
Chaz-"Chaz but we already met"
Merisa"oh ya your that dude that hit on me earlier"
Chaz-"ya" he let a little laugh out. Merisa looked at me and pointed. Merisa-"and you, your the new famous Justin Bieber that got famous over YouTube"
I put both hands in surrender
(a/n: I hope you like I've worked so hard on this and I'll be posting chapters for this story everyday? I don't know I'll see how good this chapter goes an ya do comment rate and friend my profile :))


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