Best Friends With An Annoyingly Hot Supermodel

This is the squeal to Bad boys were never my type until now, the story of Elliza and Toby.


Shailene woodley as Elliza Crawford

Drew Roy as Tobias"Toby" Martinez

Chapter 1

The beginning of everything.

Elliza P.O.V

"Oh, my god!! don't you just love this?"

"oh yes i do!! his shoulder muscles are to die for!!"

"what i would give to run my fingers over ever inch of his luscious body!! sweet baby Jesus!"

i rolled my eyes at the trio of girls giggling next to me. They were huddled around a magazine, and i already had a clue as to who they were pinning about.

"Tobias is the hottest man on earth!! can you believe he's only 20?" one of the girls said, her blue eyes widening.

"i know! he's so young! do you think he'll ever date a high school girl like us?"

the three girls looked at one another and shook their heads in unison. "Nah."

"he would much rather be with a woman of experience." another one of the girls stated. Flipping the page to see another one of Toby's pictures.

"maybe we could change his mind when he gets here, i heard he was coming to New York for a few months!"

the girls squealed in unison, almost causing my poor ears to bleed.

Toby, would never date someone older than himself. i knew that for a fact. cougars scare the crap out of him. and, he hated being called 'Tobias'. he says it sounds like what you would call an old toilet. 'im going to go use the Tobias!'

i know what your all thinking, how would i, a measly 18 year old girl, know so much about a famous model?the same model in the picture those three girls were all drooling over? simple, i am his best friend. not that the media knows that...

My train was running 5 minutes late, and to top that off, it was freezing out side. i could still hear the girls giggling next to me, were they not cold? or was toby's hotness heating them up?

i pulled my winter jacket tighter around me, stuffing my hands into my coat pockets to warm them. even though i was wearing gloves, my fingers felt numb. I didnt really care if people pinned over my best friend since its kind of in the job description to be a model. you have to be drop dead gorgeous.

which Toby is. but i always try to avoid tabloid and magazine articles about him just in case i too become one of his over obsessed fans.

sure, i support the career he's chosen for himself. but i will always be his best friend. and a best friend certainly does not drool her hot supermodel matter how much she wanted to.

feeling impatient, i started to bounce to the balls of my fur boots. i had to hurry, i wanted to be the first one home.

Toby had left for six months to do a couple of photo shoots in Europe. he even sent me pictures of the sights he passed, like the Eiffel tower and the Colosseum in Rome. Toby and i liked to stay in touch as much as possibly by phone, text and email. sometimes he would call me at 3 in the morning but i wouldn't mind. talking to my best friend was more important than sleep. i counted down the days left for when he came back. and finally the day has come.

Today was the day that Toby was coming home and i couldn't wait to see him. i missed him so much. talking to hm over the phone and through Skype wasn't the same as in person, where i could actually touch and hug him to death. and that was exactly what i was planning on doing when i got home.

i wonder if he'll think i look different.its been six months and i'm pretty sure he'll notice how long my hair has gotten. he had missed my 18th birthday while he was gone. and i know he felt really bad about it, even though he called me right when i woke up that day and sang happy birthday in a very off key voice. its a good thing he was a model and not a singer.

Suddenly i heard the slow chugging sound of the train pulling in and i sighed in relief.

i took a step forwards, away form the annoying girls beside me and got closer to the edge to the tracks for the train to stop.

after the steam of the smoke subsided, the doors of the train swooshed open and i stepped in, only to be partially trampled my the three girls behind me.

"Cant you walk fast enough? some of us have places to go. " one girl said snobbishly at me.

choosing to ignore her as my mother would Toby's father, i made my way over to an empty seat by a window.

home was just a few miles away, maybe i can still make it first.

"Excuse me miss, mind if i sit here?"

i looked up startled by this unexpected deep voice. my eyes met light blue ones.

unable to speak, i simply shook my head.

amused, the man sat down next to me. he didn't look any more than 25 but his button down dress shirt and pants sure made him look sophisticated....and delicious.

i looked away, trying to not make a fool of myself in front of such a handsome male. The only male i was used to being around was Toby, and that was because of how long we've known each other.

The blue eyed wonder pulled out a newspaper out of his trench coat pocket and started to flip the pages. when he stopped in the one he was looking for, i couldn't help but secretly watch him study something rather closely. he looked pretty hot, with his brow creasing just a little in concentration.

As the nosy person i was, i leaned forwards casually, wanting to see what he was so caught up in.

what i saw made my eyes wide. He wasn't looking at the newspaper, but at the magazine he stashed inside of it.

Toby's dark alluring eyes stared back at me. he was naked. wearing only a loose pair of jeans that hung at his waist. Water dripped down from his black hair as he started straight at the camera. his eyes piercing. sexiness seemed screamed from the photo and my heart sped up at the sight of him.

Taken aback at this male next to me. i looked away, feeling the warmness of blush cover my cheeks.

The light blue eyes, the nicely ironed shirt and platted pants. his never neat hair and fresh shave.

yep.i should have known he was gay.


TBC(: so, what did you think? i felt like ending it there. you know, not a semi cliff hanger? lol.

i hope you guys liked it!!! Toby will make his appearance in the next chapter which will most likely be next week. right after i upload kiss but don't tell. ;p i feel so happy that my teachers aren't pressing me with too much homework. that the reason why i started writing it now :D




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