The 105th Hunger Games ~SYOT~

Thanks to all who submitted! Just a warning: if you have two completely unrelated characters, there's a greater chance one will get killed. Just saying.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Chapter 1

The Final List

*FYI, I'll try to get the first official chapter up later today or tomorrow. It'll be each District's Reaping. I was going to do multiple Reapings a chapter, but I'm too much of a detail person for that. :P*

Boy- Collin Storm, age thirteen, submitted yancymaeg 
Girl- Shariah Drakenson, age fifteen, submitted by BayDough
Escort- Romulus Hargrove, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898
Female Mentor- Cashmere
Male Mentor- Gloss

Boy- Paddy Marrow, age eighteen, submitted by IceCreamAndSprinkles
Girl- Kaya Locke, age seventeen, submitted by IceCreamAndSprinkles
Escort- Larry Yamin, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898
Female Mentor- Enobaria
Male Mentor- Harold Marrow, submitted by IceCreamAndSprinkles

Boy- Jack Stewart, age sixteen, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898 (Me!)
Girl- Amelia "Mia" Vincent, age fourteen, submitted by meoples92
Escort- Melaney Monroe
Female Mentor- Wiress
Male Mentor- Tootsie Noodles (Starship reference FTW), submitted by yancymaeg

Boy- James Thomason, age fourteen, submitted by Awena_Evenstar
Girl- Eliza Thomason, age fourteen, submitted by Awena_Evenstar
Escort- Lula Hooper
Female Mentor- Eliza Christianson, submitted by zeusgirlrulestheworld
Male Mentor- Finnick (HELLZ YEAH!!!)

Boy- Jace, age fifteen, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898
Girl- Alania Marks, age fifteen, submitted by lovelyannemarie
Escort- Bradford Pare (haha geddit?)
Female Mentor- Emily Hathaway
Male Mentor- Snerri, submitted by Chenziebelle

Boy- Mark Revis, age sixteen, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898
Girl- Samantha Colinbird, age fourteen, submitted by Susanna_colinbird_356
Escort- Leslie King (it's a dude FYI)
Female Mentor- Gabrielle Wilson (morphling)
Male Mentor- Chase Halper, submitted by pokemon_girl

Boy- Kayson "Kay" Dunes, age seventeen, submitted by PerfectlyEvil17
Girl- Daytona "Dayton" Rider, age twelve, submitted by JoeyRichterIsTotallySexy
Escort- Lindsey Roves
Female Mentor- Stormi Keaton, submitted by yancymaeg
Male Mentor- Blight (Johanna's partner in CF)

Boy- Norris Sheck, age sixteen, submitted by 1luvnan360
Girl- Corrine Verte, age sixteen, submitted by 1luvnan360
Escort- Jeremiah Langley
Female Mentor- Cecelia
Male Mentor- Woof

Boy- Jeremy Valderra, age twelve, submitted by CuPpYcAkEs898
Girl- Nancy Brock, age fifteen, submitted by me (CuPpYcAkEs898)
Escort- Flurri Montaya
Female Mentor- Hannah Whiteside
Male Mentor- Bug Richta, submitted by 1luvnan360

Boy- Jake Scott Jameson, age seventeen, submitted by pokemon_girl
Girl- Katie Bella Greenday, age fourteen, submitted by yancymaeg
Escort- Gracen Lamonta (Its a dude)
Female Mentor- Mary Mack (Oh, creative)
Male Mentor- Jasper Moore, submitted by yancymaeg

Boy- Luca Perry, age fourteen, submitted by IceCreamAndSprinkles
Girl- Ana Hernandez, age fifteen, submitted by PerfectlyEvil17
Escort- Kennedy Sparks
Female Mentor- Amanda Versallie, submitted by lovelyannemarie
Male Mentor- Chaff (stumpy-arm dude)

Boy- Kyle Loo, age seventeen, submitted by Chenziebelle
Girl- Annette "Nettie" Torko, age sixteen, submitted by Chenziebelle
Escort- Della Motae, submitted by Chenziebelle
Female Mentor- Radelle Smother, submitted by Chenziebelle
Male Mentor- Tastle Hopo, submitted by Chenziebelle

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