The 105th Hunger Games ~SYOT~

Thanks to all who submitted! Just a warning: if you have two completely unrelated characters, there's a greater chance one will get killed. Just saying.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Chapter 23

Training, Day Two

~Shariah POV, District One~

I grunt as I chuck my spear, smirking as it sinks into the bullseye. "Nice," Eliza from Four says, chucking one, frowning slightly as it hits a little off. "This is why I stick with knives."

Eliza's nice enough, I suppose, just a little chatty. She tries to hard, I guess. Her brother's actually really nice, and super cute.

Okay, he's a year younger, so it makes me feel like a slight pedophilé, but I can live with it. It's just like me to develop a crush on a kid who's going to die eventually.

I sigh as I toss a spear almost lazily into the bullseye.

"Let's go to archery," Eliza suggests, getting discouraged by her lack of skills in this area. Another thing: too bossy. But I consent nonetheless. I'm good at archery, anyway.

Eliza's better with spears, I decide. I rapidly shoot, hitting the bullseye and the surrounding ring mostly.

I'm aware of someone beside me. I think it's the boy from Five.

"I'm Jace, from Five," he says, smiling warmly and extending his hand. There's something in his eyes that makes me uneasy.

"Shariah, District One," I say hesitantly, grabbing his hand. "You have some nerve, talking to me. I might just decide to kill you."

He laughs. "I'm used to death threats. I actually wanted to talk to you about your alliance." I look over my shoulder. Eliza's wandered off to knives with her brother. James really is cute... "Hello?"

"Oh, sorry," I say, snapping back to reality. "What about my alliance?"

"I was thinking I could join."

My eyes narrow. "Why? What weapon can you use? We've got mace, knife, sword, spear, bow and arrow, and club."

"I'm not really one for weapons," he says nonchalantly.

"Then no," I say.

"Let me tell you a story, Shariah. Pretty name, by the way. Back at the Community Home I live at, I resolve fights. I outsmart people. I can tear them apart from the inside. This one girl, He-"

He cuts off. "What?" I ask.

"Your eyes... I just got lost in them. They're so... deep and pretty. Like an emerald."

"Really?" I ask, extremely flattered.

He blushes and nods. "Anyway, I'd really like to join your alliance," he says, looking at his feet.

I smile seductively. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks," he says, smiling sweetly before turning away. Before he's out of my sight, for one moment, I think I see a nasty smirk.

But I'm sure it's just my imagination.

~Mark POV, District Six~

"Hey," I say, leaning against a wall talking to a ginger who's busy tying knots. Her eyes are a brown color, I note as she looks up at me. I'd rather them be a blue or something, but she'll do for an arena romance.

"What do you want?" she asks angrily, turning back to her complex knot.

I can see how turned on she is. I wouldn't be surprised if we got it on in the middle of the Training Room. "You," I say simply.

"Excuse me?" she asks, irritated and impatient.

"I want you."

"Too bad," she says shortly, completing her knot and heading to hand-to-hand.

She'll be back. They always come back.

Just yesterday I was talking to that girl from Twelve, for example. Although, it look like she really liked her district partner... It's a bunch of hormone riddled teenagers who are supposed to kill each other! It's taboo! Which is why pretty much everyone has some sort of arena romance.

Maybe if my district partner was remotely attractive, I too could have one. But Samantha's bipolar and creepy and frankly not that hot.

I think I piss her off.

I wonder if Rachel is sucking Rick's face...

~Mia POV, District Three~

Jack and I sort of have an unspoken alliance. I have his back, he has mine. We're always together at training, though we try to steer clear of the Careers.

Neither of us are any good at the weapons we've tried yet. We can't lift weights, we can't throw spears, we can't sword fight, and we're absolutely hopeless with darts.

I drag him over to the hand-to-hand station. He does decently, I stink. I think of Amanda's little pale face when she came to visit me and nearly break down in tears. I have to win for her. I promised I would.

I know this'll be a tough year. Even some of the kids from the higher districts are good.

Jack takes me to the slingshot station. I sigh as I pick one up, watching as the attendant shows us how to use it. I aim, and let go, surprised as it hits the target.

Slightly cheered up, I aim again, each time getting closer to the bullseye. Jack is completely hopeless at this station. I grin, not really wanting to leave now.

A boy watches me, awestruck. I don't know what District he's from. He's a little kid.

"I'm Mia," I say kindly. "I'm from District Three."

"J-jeremy. District Nine."

"Nice to meet you." I turn back to my slingshooting.

"Can I join your alliance?" he blurts out. He looks embarrassed, scared, and timid. I really don't have the heart to tell him no...

"Let me ask Jack," I say softly, seeing him at the knife station, excelling in everything. "Jack," I say, tapping his shoulder.

It isn't very smart, considering he has a knife. He waves it around, before seeing it's me. "Oh. Hi."

"Hey. Look, that boy over there, from Nine, wants to join our alliance. What do I tell him?"

Jack shrugs. "Let him join. He may turn out to be useful."

I nod, going back to Jeremy. "You can join," I say, smiling at him.

"Thank goodness! I don't think I could bear it if I was alone!"

If I remember correctly, he broke into tears at the Reaping. Oh boy.

~Norris POV, District Eight~

Sure, Corrine and I are in an alliance. We're just covering more ground. We each take half of the survival stations and half of the weaponry stations.

She's at darts right now, which she's pretty good at. And I'm stuck at... fire starting. With the tributes from... I think Twelve. They're pathetic, anyway.

I keep thinking the boy'll put out his tiny fire with his tears.

The good news is, I can look at Corrine while I start my fire. It isn't too difficult. But that's the issue with Eight.

We work in factories. Therefore, we can't wield weapons, and we don't know how to survive. Which is why we typically die. I'm not going to win, though. Corrine is. I'll make sure of that.

Sure, Mom'll be devastated, and so will Maxina, but at least Corrine will be alive. And her family will finally be rich, too.

I get it with the flint and move onto the more primitive method of rubbing two sticks together.

The Twelve tributes are looking at me, I notice.

"Um, yes?" I ask awkwardly.

"Nothing," the girl says shyly, looking back down. Feeling a bit uneasy at the way she was studying me, I quickly start a fire and move onto edible plants.

Corrine has moved onto knives, which she's excellent at.

I sigh as I miss half of the test, and restudy the plants in front of me. All of these look the same! In District Eight, we just pay for rations. Corrine's family gets food from her orchard.

I honestly can't tell these apart...

I think of Corrine again and just study them all the more intently.

GASP! Am I... UPDATING?! It can't be! I would've liked to make this longer, but once we're in the arena, it will be. I promise.

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