Plasma Dawn (My first halo fan-fiction)

Well, its my first, and worst, halo story. Watch red vs blue (A youtube machiminia series) to understand who Washington and Tex are. Also read some of the official halo novels to understand stuff like a "tac-nuke"

Chapter 1

Plasma Dawn

"Are you ready to drop?" A UNSC officer asked Zach "Maybe....." Zach mumbled as he looked at the ground below "I said, Zach are you ready?" "Fine.." He replied. "You know, this little drop could save Reach and the whole human race." Zach put on his jetpack "Yeah fat chance.." He gulped and jumped into the flaming city. he felt the air in his face as he approached the ground. At the last second he activated the jetpack and rose up into the air a bit. Then he dropped to the ground. "I'm never doing that again...." Zach told himself. He heard an explosion and turned around to see a huge Scarab. "Already!?" Zach thought. Zach looked up into the sky to see the pelican flying away. He whispered into the radio "Uhh code red! Maday! I just need to be picked up or get some support!" "Hold on soldier, what happened?" A voice in the radio said "One of those damn scarabs is behind me!" " Already!? Well, we can't send reinforcements or the scarab'll get them." Zach cursed under his breath "Try to sneak away.." The voice told him. The scarab prepared its laser. "Well its too late.. The scarab is about to laser me...." "Just get awa-" Zach turned his radio off. Then he ran as fast as his spartan body could allow him. He heard the laser blast a building in half. A banshee came out of one of the skyscrapers, followed by twenty more. Zach cursed even more and pulled out his rifle. He started shooting at the banshees and jumped as the scarab blew a crater in the ground next to him. He blew a banshee up, then tripped and fell. Zach turned on his radio and yelled "HELP!!!!!" He then hid behind a building. He heard a big explosion and peeked out. The scarab let out a screech and burst into flames. Zach saw two pelicans and a bunch of hornets. They attacked the banshees and took most of them down. Once of them landed next to him and a guy told him, "Get in!" Zach jumped in. "Thanks, whats your name?" "Jun-A266." the man replied. "But just call me Jun."

"Where have I heard that name before..?" Zach thought "Oh you're from Noble team?" "Yup." Jun replied "Was the best sniper there was.. Then I realized they would all end up killed so I left the team." The hornet shuddered. "Man the turret." Jun told Zach "Then we'll have a chance of getting out of here." Zach took the turret and shot down a couple banshees. "So this is what being a Spartan-lll is like." "Yeah, it gets pretty annoying when those purple idiots bring in the bad-boys." Jun said over the explosions. "Uhh Jun?" Zach looked at the sky. "What" "Phantoms..." Jun looked up. "Suppose you're right, lets get out of here. Get in the seats and strap your belt up, its going to be a bumpy ride!" Zach did as told. Then the hornet shuddered and jolted forward. After about an hour they saw a large cluster of buildings rising above everything. Zach asked Jun, "What is that?" "Base." Jun replied "Well we are going in-" A large shudder interrupted him. Zach heard a large beeping noise. "Oh no... hold on tight." The hornet fell farther, and farther, and farther, and everything went black.

Zach groaned as he woke up. He opened his eyes to see his helmet strewn across from him he grabbed it and put it on. Then he remembered what happened. "JUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. He saw a banshee whizzing around above him. Zach heard a sniper shot and the banshee blew up. "Yep that's him" he thought as he ran toward the source of the shot. At last he saw Jun in his blue armor, sniper rifle in hand. Zach ran up to him. Jun looked back and saw him. "There you are!" he exclaimed "I thought you were dead!" "If I've learned anything in the short 24 hours I've been a spartan, it is that spartans never die." Zach told him. Jun chuckled, "People about five-hundred years ago thought that we just respawn, but no, we die like any other living creature." The pair heard a boom and saw a banshee bombing a group of spartans. Jun said, "Well, lets go do what the scientists genetically modified us for, lets murder the whole covenant population!" and thus, they set off toward their spartan companions. Zach watched as Jun headed off toward a high rock on the border of the battle. Zach took a needle to his arm and winced. He jumped into the battle and immediately
killed a grunt. He shot an elite and felt the jolt of recoil. He kept shooting until his hands were sore. Then, unexpectedly, Zach heard a boom and went flying. When he hit the ground he was overcome with a piercing pain in his leg. An elite walked up to him and got shot. A group came to his aid, all wielding energy swords. Zach cringed until he heard a sniper shot and the thump of a body falling. The elites turned around, confused. That was all Zach needed, he jumped up despite the pain and shot several in the head. The remaining one ran to its companions. In the corner of Zach's eye he saw something bright. He turned to see Jun confronting a group of brutes, carrying sticky grenades. "I'm coming!" He yelled. Then he sprinted to the stone. Zach hit down a brute and shot one in the chest. Jun took down the others. As the brutes lay dying on the ground, Jun and Zach looked down at the battlefield, the dust was settling and there were bodies, Covenant and Human, everywhere. "So," Zach said, breaking the silence "The battle is over." "And it looks like we won!" he added cheerfully. "Its one battle in a war, I have a feeling we will lose Reach." Jun replied. They both walked off the rock, and onto the former battlefield. They saw ruins of Wraiths, Scorpions, Warthogs, Banshees, Ghosts, and Mongooses. In the distance, both of them saw an elite about to finish off a marine. They both ran up to the elite and took it down. Jun asked the marine, "Are you okay?" The marine groaned, but said nothing. "Goddamn Covenant, they have no feelings at all..."
Zach said "They could at least be a little empathetic!" he yelled into the sky. Jun put a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down, even if we do lose Reach, its okay. We did all we could, and besides, we own a lot of other planets." "Yea, but they own Epsilon Eridani now, its not just a planet," Zach replied, "Its a whole goddamn solar system!" "They don't own it yet." Jun said soothingly, "This is our last stand in this system and we will probably wi-" He got cut off as an energy sword appeared in his chest. Zach heard footsteps. He shot at where they were coming from and saw an elite fall to the ground. Zach thought, "Those little bastards, they are so hard to get rid of." Then he turned to Jun. "Jun!" he cried. He pulled out the energy sword. Jun rasped, "It slightly missed my heart and my lungs, just get me to a medic and I'll be okay." Then Jun passed out. Zach turned on his radio and called, "Code red! Jun is severely injured! We need a pickup now!" He heard a static buzz and then a voice saying, "Alright stay where you are, we are coming." After a couple minutes a pelican flew down. As its hatch opened Zach carried Jun in. The pilot took one look at Jun and gasped. "He's bad, we better get him to the emergency room fast!" the pilot said. She got back into the pilots seat and turned on the engine. Zach felt the pressure get lower as they headed higher into Reach's atmosphere. As they finally emerged into space he could see a large object orbiting the earth. Zach looked behind him to see Reach. He gasped, "It looks worse then I thought....." "I know right." a hoarse voice said. Zach turned around to see Jun taking off his chest armor. He rushed up and held Jun down, "I won't have you injure yourself further." Jun Threw him off and said, "It's okay." They came closer and closer until the nose was inches away from the ship. A voice broadcasted over the radio, "Entering dock, it may be a bit bumpy." Zach mumbled, "We've seen worse then bumpy.."
As the pelican finally came to a stop everyone came stumbling out of the ship. Right when the pilot was going to go get Jun, the pelican burst into flames. Zach gasped, "Jun!" and ran into the ship. The pilot tried to keep him back, but failed. She trailed him until he disappeared into the flames. After a couple minutes, Zach emerged from the flames, his armor black with ashes, two needles protruding from his shoulder, and Jun in his hands. Zach walked up to the pilot, then collapsed. "Oh no!" she said but under her breath she muttered, "Now the medic has to heal two people..." Just as she said that, five banshees flew in. All of the workers ran, but she stayed. Slowly, she took out a rifle. The quickly, she shot down two banshees, dodged some plasma shots, and took down the other three. Then she picked up Jun and Zach and walked away. Just as she reached a pelican that was in front of theirs all of the banshees exploded, creating an awesome effect. A worker ran up to her and asked, "That was awesome! What's your name?" "Allison, or as some people used to call me, Agent Texas." She replied.

"Agent Texas?" The worker asked. Then he burst into laughter. "A girl an age-" He stopped as Texas slapped him. "Ow!" The worked groaned. "What was that for?" "Making fun of me, bastard." She replied. "You remind me of someone who came here... He said his name was Washington..." The worker said. He flinched as Texas got closer. "Where.. is..he!?" She yelled into the frightened workers face. He pointed over at a cluster of marines then fainted. Texas mumbled, "Oh brother..." then looked over at the cluster of marines, and sure enough, she saw the grey and yellow helmet rising above them all. Tex dropped Jun and Zach, pulled out a rifle, and ran toward the helmet. Once she got to the marines, a couple of them turned around and saw the ominous black armor coming their way. They all moved out of her path and she saw Wash talking to a marine. As she walked closer, she could make out part of their conversation. "But then why did you run away from the banshees!" the marine said. "I didn't want to be vaporized!" Wash replied. "The pilot didn't run away!" the marine exploded back. "Well, the pilot is lucky to be alive." "But-but-but." The marine stuttered. "You wou-" The marine was thrown aside as Tex ran in front of Washington. "Well, well, well. I thought I noticed the way the pilot was fighting." He said as he pulled out a magnum. The marines formed a circle. "Yea, I thought you died a while back when grunts made you have a heart attack." Tex snapped. "Well, lets settle this!" Wash replied, and he loaded his magnum. Tex did the same with her rifle, and they started shooting. Zach woke up with the sound of gunfire, not plasma weapons, only bullets. "That's weird," He thought "I should be dead." He opened one eye to see the pilot shooting at a grey-yellow spartan. He realized what was happening and jumped up, despite the pain, and took out two magnums. Zach limped between them and yelled, "STOP!!! We are losing enough spartans already, we shouldn't waste two perfectly good spartans in a duel! I looked at the duel and saw all of the great techniques you were using, you shouldn't waste them on your own race. It's like being a cannibal if you kill your fellow humans and spartans!" Wash put away his weapon and said, "He's right. Hatred should be solved with words!" And then Washington started screaming bad curse words at Tex and some words Zach didn't even know. Tex put away her weapon and did the same. "Well," Zach said, "That's better then killing." He turned to see an elite creeping up on Jun's body. "Nooooo!" he screamed and he jumped on the elite. The elite shot a needle and got pummeled by the angry, heavy, mass that was called Zach. Zach picked up Jun and carried him deeper into the station. He reached the emergency room and put Jun on a stretcher. Zach gently took Jun's helmet off, revealing a deeply scarred face. As the medic came in he gasped, "He's bad..." "I know, right?" Zach replied. 'Will he be okay?" "Yes, but it will take a couple months before he's fit for battle, and you look a little banged up too." The medic replied. "My injuries are minor, his are major. Do him first." Zach told him. "Okay.... I'll get the equipment." And the medic went down the hall. Zach sat at Jun's side, wondering if he'll ever recover. Tex walked in, took a look at Jun and said, "He looks like he's getting worse, not better." Zach gave here a sharp look, "Because he is, idiot." He replied. As the medic walked in he told them both, "This is going to be disturbing to look at, so you should leave." Zach replied, "Why would it be disturbing? It's not like you're going to give him surgery or something." "Well I am doing surgery, so LEAVE!" "Why does he need surgery, he got stabbed with an energy sword and shot with a needle!" Tex yelled boldly. "JUST LEAVE GODDAMNIT!" The medic screamed. "Okay, okay.." The two spartans said as they walked out of the room. "Hey Zach, want to practice close combat?" Tex asked. "Okay." Zach replied as they took off their helmets. Just as they started punching, the station shuddered. Zach groaned, "Do they EVER give up!!!!" They heard a scream and ran to the dock. When they arrived, they were greeted by the dead form of Washington.

Tex stood there gaping while Zach ran to the armory. When he came back he threw a magnum at Tex. It tumbled to the floor and clattered onto the steel floor. "Come on Tex, pick it up, who cares about Washington?" Zach said, a bit annoyed. "But, but, bu-" "No buts." The station shook again, harder. Tex kept stuttering, "But, but, but..." Zach slapped her to no avail. He sighed and dragged Tex across the dock, through the halls and into the armory. He threw her there and closed the door. The station shook, and Zach felt himself being tilted backwards. "Help!" he said, even though he knew no one could help him. He struggled to the dock and looked down. He saw the fiery form of Reach. "Oh goddamn hell...." and he flew out due to Reach's far out gravity. Everything seemed to slow down, as flame erupted from the hallways. He struggled away, and remembered. "Oh no... Tex!!!!!!!" Zach cried. "And Jun!!!!" He started to feel tears run down his cheek, but ignored them. He shot at a Covenant Corvette, uselessly. A black silhouette burst from the debris and waved at Zach. He was so concentrated on staying alive, that he didn't notice. All he saw or heard was the bullets emerging from his rifle. He kept shooting at the Corvette, which seemed to be getting closer. "Oh no..." He thought, as it was getting closer! Closer, closer, until Zach could almost see the elite piloting the ship. There was a bright purple light, then darkness. When he came to, he looked around, and all he saw was unfamiliar devices and purple. "Those Covenant sure like purple." Zach mumbled. He tried to go forward, only to be knocked back. he tried again, except harder, but still, he stumbled backwards and ended up on the floor. The lone spartan rolled his eyes. "Classic, a forcefield..." He heard footsteps coming from his right. Zach turned to see an elite, with sword in hand. The glow put an eerie light on him. The elite growled something, as if trying to communicate. "What?" Zach asked. The elite growled, except louder. Zach repeated himself. The elite growled even louder. Zach asked again, he too, louder. The elite went silent, pulled out his energy sword and started toward him. The forcefield shimmered, then disappeared. Zach felt like he was free to go, until he felt something grab hold of him. he turned around, to see a brute. He looked forward again to see the energy sword whizzing toward him. It missed as fire burst from a door, well, that's what Zach thought it was. The brute and elite mumbled something, and stumbled to the forcefield control panel. They stopped midway and fell. behind them, stood a black spartan, a knife in one hand, a magnum in the other. He knew who it was before he saw the armor, it was Tex. Zach felt like hugging her, but instead exclaimed, "I thought you were dead!" "Why would I be dead, I'm not a pussie! By the way, Jun's dead." Before Zach could reply, Tex shot a window open and flew out. Then she added, "I hope you're not afraid of heights, because we are going to Reach!" Zach figured not to yell at her for letting Jun die, and instead rolled his eyes and groaned, "Not this again..." Tex got Zach into a headlock, and they started their long journey down to the battle, which would be their last.

They got closer, and closer. Once they could see wraiths and scorpions Zach struggled away to activate his jetpack, but Tex didn't understand and held on tighter. Zach tried again, to be almost strangled by Tex. He gave up and closed his eyes, bracing for impact. When he opened them, he was on the ground, getting needled by grunts. The spartan looked around for Tex, and saw her running her knife through a brute chieftain's ribs. He pulled out his rifle and shot all the grunts that were shooting at him. Then he ran into the battle, shooting wildly. He tortured grunts, pummeled elites, and overall kicked their asses. Then like a while ago, everything seemed to slow down, as a banshee sent Zach flying. He lay on the ground for a while, then heard a voice, a shrill, scared voice. The injured spartan looked up to see Tex clinging to a Pelican, gesturing to Zach to come in. He connected to her helmet with his radio and said, "You die as a hero, fighting for your planet, or you be a coward, running away from your plant. It's OUR planet, no matter who controls it, it's OURS. We should defend it. I am being a hero, staying on this planet, and fighting for it. What are you?" "I am smart, idiot." Tex said, trying to conceal her sadness. "Okay, see ya, or not." Zach replied to Tex's remark, nearly crying. He shut off the radio and turned, to see Tex's pelican flying toward space. Zach smiled, a sad and annoyed smile. He limped up, and ran into the Covenant wave. His war cry was, "For Reach!!!!!!" As he took out everything in his path. He felt searing pain and turned, to see an elite stabbing him. He knifed it to get blasted by a wraith. He lay on the ground, and shot everything he saw. Only to get his helmet blasted off. His face was scarred, like Jun's. Except he was smiling, a heroic smile now. Into the radio, he hoarsely said, "Goodbye..." There was a static noise and someone talking. He ignored it and left himself to his fate. The last thing he remembered was a boom, and an elites sword. Tex's pelican was shuddering like crazy. Tex took out her shotgun and braces for something, for anything to happen. Something did happen, the back of the ship blew off. She looked around the ship, to see a tac-nuke falling out of the ship. The black Freelancer agent ran and picked it up. Tex ran out of the ship, and swam through the low gravity to a Covenant Corvette. She blasted through a window, to see a whole legion of Covenant. Tex armed the tac-nuke, and threw it. "Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-be-be-be-be-be-be" the bomb made. Tex walked, slowly but triumphantly, out of that part of the ship. "Be-be-be-be-be-beeeeeeeeee" And it blew the Corvette, the covenant in it, and Tex, into pieces. Which leaves me to the question, are you a hero, or a coward?

Many things happened that day, noble six was killed, destroying the legacy of the Noble Team. Tex died, destroying the once prosperous Project Freelancer. Zach, and other heroes of Reach were killed. And Reach was lost to the Covenant bastards. Today was a terrible day, and the start of a new legacy, a very unusual one. To anyone who's reading this, yes, I am alive, and I will be, so as hope on Reach.
-Jun's journal-

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