In Love with the Potions Master(A Severus Snape Story)

Basically, I love Snapers and he should have gotten Lily! End of discussion. It's 4am, and I'm writing a darn story!

Chapter 2

How I Got My Plan

I had to go back, yes back, and change the past. Time turners would take to long, and wouldn't work as well. I had tried to change his mind many times as to getting over Lily, but nothing worked. he loved her, he really loved her. From the time he was young he had loved her, and by the looks of this, he always would. I had to go back and make it so he never meet her, so that I could have him, and he could see who really loved him from the start.
It was almost an evil plan, seeking and destroying the past, just solely for the purpose of having him in the future, was worth it, he would never love me like I loved him if I didn't do this.
I read through all the books, and learned all the spells I needed to. There was just one problem. Time had gone by while learning these things. I was no longer the young attractive teenager I had been. Severus had obviously grown older too. We had both been out of Hogwarts for quite sometime. During the years he had become the potions master at Hogwarts at Hogwarts, or so I was told. I had some rough times in my life, and I now had a daughter who was now just going into her 5th year at Hogwarts and she was a spitting image of me when I was young. The day I noticed that it came to me. I had my daughter on a mission to get my Severus for me.
I know it messed up plan, but I knew how to do it. I was also pretty sure it would work. All I had to do was slip her a few potions, and give her a few of my memories so she would know how great Severus is, and how much I love him, and maybe, if all goes right, she would love him too.

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