Sinnoh Journey

Chapter 1

Getting your starter

"Wake up,'s time to get your starter pokemon!" my sister shouted.

"Waitttttttttttttt................................TURTWIG! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I yelled.

Sorry, forgot to introduce me, i'm May and i have black hair and brown Best friend is Maylene the gym leader.

30 minutes later...

Yeah, yeah...i got a TURTWIG and i was OVER THE MOON! :) times one million....actually more.

I caught a Shinx and a Starly.

"Hmmm...want some poffins?" I asked the pokemon.

They ignored me but then they smelled the poffin and stole it from me.

I decided to do some training.

I battled Bidoofs and Starly, while walking to Oreburgh city. I also battled Budews. And the best bit? Starly turned into Staravia, Shinx evolved to Luxio and Turtwig is now Grotle. I decided to let my pokemon to play in a park. They played chase staravia. I looked in my POKEDEX...
(website is Bulbapedia (the info website))
PhysiologyIt is based on a lion cub or kitten. Its fur is mostly blue, yet there is a Pichu-like arrangement of black fur under its neck, and black fur under its torso. It has a long black tail with a gold four-pointed star on the end. Its forelegs each have a gold ring around them; these are electricity glands, similar to Pikachu's cheeks. It has large, oval ears with gold, star-like "fleur de lis" symbols on them. It has gold-pupiled eyes, and a pink-red nose. It has tufts of hair which will eventually grow into a mane; these can be seen on top and on the rear sides of its head. Whenever its mouth is shown open, small fangs can be seen developing.

Gender differencesA female's mane doesn't stick up as much as a male's. Also, all four paws of a female Shinx are blue while the hind-paws of a male are black.

Special abilitiesAs a defense, its fur can glow brightly to blind predators so it can escape. As an Electric-type, Shinx can also use moves such as Charge and Spark.

BehaviorAll of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.

HabitatIt lives in plains and various grassy areas. This may relate to how it is based on a lion.

DietMain article: Pokémon food
In the wild, Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray generally hunt for food.

PhysiologyTurtwig's appearance is characteristic of a turtle or tortoise, and it is primarily light green in coloration. Its prominent, yellow-colored jawbone may denote a relationship to the snapping turtle. Its green and yellow body is covered by a shell. A small seedling grows on a brown-colored patch on its head, similar to the plant bulb on Bulbasaur's back and the leaf on Chikorita's head, the plant part revealing its Grass-type nature. The brown shell on its back has a thick black stripe and rim, and is apparently made of earth. The shell should feel moist on a healthy Turtwig. Turtwig’s eyes are yellow, as are its feet, and Turtwig’s tail is small.

Gender differencesNone.

Special abilitiesTurtwig can utilize the sun in order to use moves like Synthesis and SolarBeam. Its rock hard shell provides great defense but reduces its speed. Turtwig receives a huge power boost to its Grass-type moves when it is weary from battle. Turtwig are also capable of many other Grass-type moves such as Razor Leaf and Giga Drain.

BehaviorTurtwig is a Pokémon that tends to be non-violent. As a show of affection, some Turtwig have been known to chomp their trainer's head. The leaf on its head will wilt if it becomes thirsty. As a result, it lives in areas that are close to lakes.

Turtwig is also sometimes either shy and lazy, or outgoing and protective.

HabitatTurtwig are somewhat scarce in the wild. They're usually given to young Pokémon Trainers as a starter Pokémon by Professor Rowan. Turtwig can be found living along lakes in dense forests.

DietMain article: Pokémon food
As a plant-based Pokémon, Turtwig usually nourishes itself through photosynthesis. It can eat berries like other Pokémon. It also drinks water, which hardens its soil-based shell. On a very healthy Turtwig, the shell should feel moist.

PhysiologyStarly is a bird with a brownish-gray colored body. The lower half of its wings as well as its head are black. Its face looks like it is wearing a white mask, with black eyes with white pupils as well as a thin orange beak with the tip of it painted black. On its chest is a white spot. Starly's feet are orange and also has three tailfeathers: two black and one white in the middle.

Gender differencesThe white spot on a female's forehead is smaller.

Special abilitiesAlthough small, they are described to flap their wings with great power.

Starly appears to have keen vision, as it possesses the ability Keen Eye, where its vision can't be marred whatsoever by any force.

BehaviorStarly are very complacent Pokémon, like most Flying-types. Cool and calm at nearly all times, they are also very sociable creatures, although they may bicker if their group becomes too big. Starly's calls are known to be very strident.

HabitatStarly live in forests, indicating that they make nests in the trees like common Birds. despite this, they are more often found in the grassy roads near small towns that aren't very big. they have territory's, but not as large as there evolved forms'

DietMain article: Pokémon food
Starly pray on small, bug Pokémon. It appears to have an affinity with the Yache Berry, as it is occasionally found with it. Starly has also been depicted to consume the acorn-like berries growing on the bushes of Grotle

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