Postcards From The Boys

Postcards From The Boys

If you read this dont thank me, seriously. Im just the back bone. All thanks and praises go to sophie1414 :D I dont think she expected that <-----
So anyways, its Beatly enjoy!
P.S. It goes places you wouldnt expect....

Chapter 1

Shadow Me (October 6th 1953)

Stupid Liverpool. Stupid weather. It was freezing. And it definitely was not supposed to be. Honestly there was nothing I hated more than the cold, nothing.
As I trudged through the icy air, my mind roamed off to my mum and dad. Where were they? Was mum glowing in beauty and dad the handsome prince? Did they fall in love and live happily ever after, leaving me behind? What did they look like? Blue eyes? Black hair? No no, I decided, with my fair complexion I doubted either of them had dark hair.
Dad though, Scarlet had photos of him. I knew she did. She had never ever let me see them; they were always 'gone'.
The cold was still biting at my fingers, the habdabs playing through my mind. Scarlet, dad, mum gone. Scarlet, dad, mum, dead. Scarlet-
"Lo!" Two hands clapped onto my shoulders.
I jumped in fright and reflexively punched out behind me, connecting with something.
I shook my hand with pain before quickly sticking my fist back into my pocket and looking down at the poor person I had just struck.
He swore violently and crumpled over. I had no idea what to do and I could feel the guilt beginning to pound through me.
I covered my mouth, forgetting that my hand hurt like hell, to keep in the scream that was forming in my throat, and gave him a quick look over.
He had the same hair style all the other boys had: slicked to the top of his head and irritating, a mousy brown from what I could tell under all the gel. Definitely a teddy boy. His leather jacket covered a blue plaid shirt and black fitted jeans reached down to meet a pair of formal black shoes.
He was clutched his face and started to stand up, little droplets of blood spattering all over the concrete.
I gasped; I had done that to him?! He had to have been at least half a foot taller than me!
Panic finally reached it maximum and I took off running towards my house; echoes of the guy's yelp pounding in my ears as well as laughs from the bystanders that weren’t even there.
I finally reached my house, when suddenly the world began to spin around me, hazing in and out. The black on the edges caving in. I clutched the door knob to keep me steady and threw the door open. Then it got real black, the spinning mess of a world faded and gone.
I woke up to the sound of two voices, one all to familiar and the other just an ache in the back of my mind. I noticed there was also a third, just breathing, with much labor.
I forced my eyes open. The light burned, so I quickly shut them again. I could feel my parka still wrapped tight around me, wet around the neck and waist. I slowly opened my eyes for the second time and looked around the room.
The boy was slumped rather uncomfortably in the high backed arm chair across from me. It was a deep blue with red and yellow flowers. A beautiful chair, one that Scarlet always sat in.
He was holding a damp wash cloth to his nose. The blood didn’t surprise me this time.
"Why the hell did you do that?" I growled, slowly sitting up, the world fading to a black rimmed and dizzying state.
"Why'd y'do that?" I scowl getting up and heading to the kitchen, the world fading to a black rimmed dizzying state.
"Me?" His voice cracked.
"Pubescent boy." I giggled, my lips curling up into a quirky little grin, the tips of my ears turning red.
He smirked too, a sly grin. An, 'I'll get you someday' grin.
Scarlet stamped in, casting me an agitated glare, annoyed that I'd gotten her in all this trouble for hitting a boy. She was repeatedly telling the prude woman that I wasn’t malicious enough to attack someone without warning. "He had to have a reason to entice such behavior of her." She was saying.
From what I could tell of the conversation, the boy's name was John, and the woman was his aunt. I overheard the aunt, "Mimi" promising John would warn me before hopping around like that again.
But I could only nod and stare at his eyes. They had a dark chocolate brown shade and had something almost... translucent to them. It was as if I could see everything and yet see nothing.

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