Postcards From The Boys

Postcards From The Boys

If you read this dont thank me, seriously. Im just the back bone. All thanks and praises go to sophie1414 :D I dont think she expected that <-----
So anyways, its Beatly enjoy!
P.S. It goes places you wouldnt expect....

Chapter 2

Timeless Memory (October 8th 1953)

We sat under the biggest tree in the field; John and I could have wrapped our arms around the whole trunk and only just barely touch.
"That was fun Jenny." He said looking over at me with a smile.
This charming, devious smile was already all too familiar. I turned towards him and saw his chocolate eyes light up with excitement.
I nodded vigorously. A hush rose over us; I looked up and asked, "How many shades of green do you think are in those leaves, John?"
I could feel his gaze on me, this time a more questioning one, eyebrows arched and all.
"I dunno. Lemme count." He said sarcastically, looking back up to the leaves dangling to their tree. I laughed quietly; it was my turn to look at him.
I studied his profile, his nose still blue from where I hit him the other day. His eyes narrowed at the three and leaves above. They were changing colours just like the leaves: brown and golden and dark red. His eyes were reflecting the leaves. Now I knew why he'd teased me. It was autumn, the leaves weren't green in autumn. I grimaced at the stupid question Id asked.
He smiled softly, that charming smile that sprang out at the most concerning and unusual times. Like right before he called me out this morning... the memory played back in my mind like a movie in slow motion.
- I took my seat in the middle of the classroom, hands sweating and gripping my books tight.
Who could tell I was scared as hell? Who could tell I didn't want to be here? That I just wanted to go back home? Who knew me for me?
I surveyed my new classroom. I could feel their eyes staring, trying to sneak a peek at the new girl. I reluctantly met each of their eyes. Blue, blue, hazel, green, grey, green, dark chocolate-
I recognized those eyes! I looked closer and saw the face, in all his glory, with that charming smile spreading across his face. He must have recognized me too, because all of a sudden his grin changed, much more mischevious. And then he opened his mouth.
"Hey! You're the bird that hit me!" He yelled, standing up with such force that he knocked the desk over and caused all his books and backpack to fall crashing to the ground.
My eyes widened in return. Who was he talking to? Me? How dare he... then it clicked. I remembered him entirely.
I shook my head quickly. I did not need this. Not on my very first day, "Me? What? N-no."
"Yeah you are!" He laughed, knocking over desks to stand nect to me.
"That's enough Mr. Lennon!" Mr. Gilbert, the professor, shouted as he walked in the room.
I narrowed my eyes at the boy, John as I could recall.
"No! No that was all a mistake! Just listen-"
"Shut it Lennon! And you too Ms. Brennan, or it will be out out OUT!"
John rolled his eyes at the professor and yelled, "yes it was! I know it!"
"To the principals office with the both of you!" He grabbed John by the collar and me by the arm, and dragged us out to the corridor. While John was kicking and flailing his arms, I yanked my arm away and just stood watching it all. The professor rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "Damn children, I hate my life," the then looked John square on and growled, "Walk down the hall but ONLY to the-"
"Run!" John screamed as he grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall, hooting all the way.
I laughed and ran next to him, bursting through the exit and out the door. I had to sprint to keep up with the quick paced John. He occasionally turned back, to smile a cheeky little grin and beackon me closer. After five minutes or so, he came to stop and pushed me through a gate to the ground laughing, out-of-breath heap of sticky limbs.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and over to the grand tree in the middle of the field. While I stood and marvled, his warm hand lingered in mine until he collapsed to the ground and burst out in a loud giggle.
I laid next to him and smoothed the new charcoal skirt over my legs.
"Hey John," I said as soon as I settled, "Who are you?"I looked over at him, expecting a witty, snarkey remark... or a generic answer.
"Well, 'm John Lennon. M'dad was a navy merchant, never really see 'im. Mum left me with me auntie when I was little. Never really see her either."
"Oh... I'm really sorry. If it helps I know how you feel."
He shrugged, but didn't seem depressed or ashamed, so I pressed on asking for more details. He did the same. After about twenty minutes we realized his Mimi and my Scarlet had gone to school together. After an hour, I had probably told him more about my life than I had ever told anyone else.
And then it was now.-
"Dunno." He said smiling and rolling onto his side to face me.
I did the same, sliding closer to him, trying, well fighting really, for a better look in his eyes.
He slid awkwardly closer to me.
"John." I said curtly.
He grinned cockily and slid even closer. I was now extremely uncomfortable; I hadn't been this close to a boy since Matthew, and that was a different story.
But he was kind of cute, and spontaneous, and-
Suddenly his lips crushed against mine, a raw and possessive kiss. I could feel them wanting more. I already started kissing him back, denying that slight spark I could feel toawrds him. Denying that I already started kissing him back. Denying the thought that the kiss was so wrong yet felt so right-
No. I pushed him off me and got up, smoothin my skirt over my legs and awkwardly avoiding his eyes. How could you know a person for less than a week and be all over them?
But I couldn't just walk away. I couldn't just leave him lying there...
"'Ey! You two aren't supposed to be i n 'ere!" Someone gave me a hard shove in the side. I yelped as I stumbled straight to thr ground. The air was knocked right out of me; I gasped trying to force myself to breathe.
"Don't touch her!" I could vaguely hear John yelling over the rush of blood to my head and my loud gasping.
I could just barely see John trying to push the bobby awakm who had without a doubt been the one to push me down. I jumped up, snatched John's wrist and dragged him across the field and through the gate with the little strenght I had. When we came to a stop, a street away, I forced a snicker to make him believe the experience had not scared the wits out of me.
He, too, pretended. A fake, impish smirk turned to a soft and thankful smile.
And then the forbidden thought finally came: Scarlet was going to kill me...

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