Postcards From The Boys

Postcards From The Boys

If you read this dont thank me, seriously. Im just the back bone. All thanks and praises go to sophie1414 :D I dont think she expected that <-----
So anyways, its Beatly enjoy!
P.S. It goes places you wouldnt expect....

Chapter 3

Now And Then (July 15,1957)

July 15,1957
I stood off towards the end of a truck listening to John wail into the microphone. The cheap piece of crap hardly did anything for his voice anyways.
He was loud enough with out it.
"How long have they been up there?"
"Dunno." I didn't have to look up to know that Julia was standing right next to me.
Didn't need to look up to know she was holding out a lit and smoldering cigarette for me.
She smiled, took my face in her hands and placed a hard kiss on my forehead, brushing my bangs out of the way in the process. "Show them pretty eyes, girl."
I huffed, putting the ciggie back to my lips, pursing them tight around it and taking a long silent drag.
I cleared my throat; I knew what she wanted to say anyways.
"My place at seven."
"They're gonna be drinks?" I asked finally looking at her directly, not the trees behind her or the sky above her head.
"Drinks and ciggies, maybe more, and birds-"
"I'm so crazy for them birds." I said putting on a pathetic face.
"I meant for the guys." Julia said, jokingly hitting my shoulder, a soft smile playing at her lips and a quiet laugh in her throat. I smiled. She always knew how to make me smile.
I continued to listen to John, with Julia at my side. His voice was getting rougher and throatier with every lyrical splurge.
Up and down it went, reaching its wailing point and higher yet until there was nothing coming out anymore. I kicked the wheel of the truck, gave Julia a quick grin, and walked away leaving the cig in the grass. Off to home.
"Where are you off too?" Julia called after me.
I shrugged; maybe home wasn't the best place. Maybe the back of the school or somewhere where I would never be found would be a better option. I needed this time to myself, to pick apart my thoughts and feelings, as well as the emotions toying with my mind. I had taken about ten steps when I heard John's wailing voice calling out for me.
"Where ye going?!” He shouted. I shrugged again, not letting my weakness come to surface. I could not look back at him nor could I let him see me on the brink of tears or a screaming fit. He could not see me like this, not at my weakest for the first time in a long time. No one could see me.
"You're doing great boys! Keep playing!" I called back with a fake giggle in my voice.
"Don't go!" I heard someone whine.
"The prettiest bird can't walk out now." John said in a playful voice.
"Aw come off it." I said finally walking away.

The grass soon turned to pavement and felt hard and cold on my feet, like my heart felt in my chest.
No one knew why I had become so cold after all this time. I had never felt like this before, never depressed, never alone. Even when I was surrounded by people, I always felt alone. A thousand people, ten people, even just John and me, it made no difference, I was still a mess. Julia thought she knew how to crack me open and shed some light on the subject, but not even I knew how to.
"Aggressive!" Julia said pulling me towards her house. Her gorgeous rusty red hair flowed in her face in a waterfall of summer curls.
I shrugged. We slowed our pace.
"Alright.” I paused knowing she could decipher any lie I throughout. “It’s the dreams..."
"What about?" Her voice was pulling me in, I had to tell someone, I just had to, and Julia knew I would only spill with John nowhere near.
"Dunno just started in the middle of the night. Stuff ‘bout disappearing. No one can see me but I'm there." I pulled out another cigarette and lit up.
"It's typical for someone to have a nightmare sweetie-"
"Don't call me that."
"Well why ever not?" She smiled, knowing how it got under my skin.
"Makes me sound airy-fairy." I said scrunching my nose and grinning.
I could feel my cheeks blush pink and eyes sparkle at the thought of a real fairy from fairy-tales. I was a sucker for fairy-tales. Something about all the perfection really got me.
"Well it’s you’re birthday, ye can't be an air head all day. We bought ye something anyways my fairy." She teased poking my stomach, pulling the cigarette from my lips and snuffing it out, then turning me around so the boys were in my view again.
"They end any minute. I'm sure John will tell ya then."
"No presents and no party!" I griped, stomping my foot like a child
"Fine then. Go off and get yourself drunk and have nowhere to crash. Don't come crying t'me-"
"I didn't mean it like that!" I squealed getting on my knees and wrapping my arms around her legs.
Gently, she patted my head and pulled me back up to my feet.
"It's no wonder he fancies ya." She said rolling her eyes at the thought of boys, including John, and looked back over to them finishing their last number.
I grimaced then laughed out loud at the thought,
"He's a bloomin' poof! ’Ave you seen him with that Stu guy? They're all over each other!" I laughed louder as John made a face at me from across the lawn. Little did anyone know that I was the one all over Stu...
"And you don't fancy John?" She asked pinching my cheek.
I batted her hand away and shrugged.
“Dunno. Never thought really thought of him in that way, you know? We're always gettin' in a barney or starting trouble. I can’t see how that would appeal to anyone."
"It obviously appeals to you two otherwise you wouldn't do it."
I shrugged, knowing she had won this argument, and watched John jump out of the truck and drag Pete Shotton through the crowd. Then, before I could even register that had disappeared, they were racing towards me, tackling me, throwing us to the ground in a mess of limbs.
"John you pansy! Yer all over Shotton here! Give 'im space to breathe before showin' him yer packet!" I laughed.
The both lifted me to my feet and pulled me into the church’s meeting room.
"Listen here missy-" John started in a giggly manor.
"Happy Birthday," Pete interrupted and kissed my cheek.
"Well someone's shy." I said taking his hands and returning the favor. "Thank you."
He turned red in the face.
"Find a blonde bimbo will you, Shotton?" John asked pulling me away and inside.
"What're you doin' for yer birthday, Jenny?" Pete asked, ignoring John, and pulling me close by the waist.
"Not you!" I squealed, laughing before pushing him away.
"Aw, no skirt for Shotton before he leaves us?" John questioned.
I only laughed and kissed Pete again on the cheek.
"Maybe when he comes back." I said winking.
But everyone knew I did ''not'' fancy him, it was just an ongoing joke we had.
"Ready to get a move on then?" John asked.
Before I could reply, a knock on the door pulled me away from him and Pete. I wandered off to find food and a beer, or maybe a smoke, and let them talk to the boy that appeared out of nowhere with his guitar.
His name was Paul. I had seen him around town before; something about him made me think back my small years. Almost as if I had met him before? I knew I had not though, I would remember a face like that.
He smiled at me from across the room.
Maybe I ''had'' met him before. I shrugged and joined the rest of the band, not really noticing anyone but Stu.
He waved me over and pulled me into his arms, kissing me all over and hugging me tight.
"Quit it! Someone will see!" I laughed, pushing him away.
"Aw come off it! They all get the whole mornin’ to say Happy Birthday but I get shoved away? Where's the respect in that?" He teased pulling me back into another bear hug.
"They've got another guitar guy over there." I said as soon as he let go.
He only nodded and slid his sunglasses over his eyes, tapping his foot impatiently. I knew what he wanted.
I glanced around, making sure no one was watching, and then quickly kissed him on the lips. He was the only one that knew I liked him. Not even Julia knew, and she knew everything.
Given that it was John's life I played a part in, made it harder to find people to call my own.
''My'' friends. ''My'' family. ''My'' best mate.
But it was easier for me that way, never lingering.
Maybe that's what was getting to me after all this time: having nothing to call mine. Nothing to really, truly call mine.
John’s voice temporarily broke my attention from Stu. I turned back to him.
"Coming to Julia's later? There's gonna be birds." I said smiling and giving him a quick wink.
He cocked an eyebrow over the top of his glasses.
"Eight. Would be earlier but John’s dragging me off t'London." I said rolling my eyes.
He nodded and kissed my forehead. "Have fun, luv."
Finally, after trying to get my attention the whole time, John came up from behind, grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door in a giggle fit.
"How much money d'ya got on you, Lennon?" I ask bursting out in a giggle of my own.
"None. How about yourself?"
"Same as ever," None.

The bus ride to London was silent, except for John’s occasional laugh and snarky remark about someone around us.
When we got he took me straight to one of our favorite hang-out spots: the record shop.
“Well what have ya been listening to these days, J?” John asked, genuinely curious.
Raking through a pile fresh from America, I muttered, “That depends on our budget.”
John looked at me oddly, and then I suddenly understood.
I picked out a few I liked and pulled John closer to me, making sure he was covering the cashiers view. I swiftly tucked one in my coat pocket and did the same with a handful of other artists, tucking them in John's pockets as well. We took another peek at the cashier, laughing at his obliviousness then got the hell out of there.
We sat on the edge of a railing around the corner, out of breath and laughing after the sprint in fear of getting caught.
“Alright.” He took the records from our pockets and scanned through them.
“Looks good to me.” I said lighting a cigarette and puffing at it contently.
He looked at me, then the cigarette, and plucked it from my lips taking a long drag and continuing to look through the records.
“Mine!” I said while giving him my world class puppy dog face, which really was not very world class.
“Your point?” He asked, winking at me.
“It’s my birthday.” I said hitting his shoulder and standing up, holding my hand out for the cigarette.
“C'mon. Yer not gonna play that card all day are you?” He said rolling his eyes and handing the records back to me instead.
“No. Yes. Maybe. It’s just mean to steal someone’s ciggy in general.” I said giggling.
“I brought you all the way out here and after that I think ye owe me more than a cig, luv.” He said with pleading eyes.
I laughed. “Ah you’re right. We all know yer well hung, John.”
“Didn’t mean it like that!” He gaped.
“If you didn’t mean it like that, how did you mean it, ye wanker?” I said smirking.
He quickly changed the subject.
“I was wondering if my mum told you about the present we got you.”
I shook my head questionably. His dark brown eyes seemed to kind of float around, from my eyes to the space behind me.
“I... I'll tell you later.” He paused. “We'll be late if we piss off here any longer.”
The bus ride was awkward after that last bit of the conversation. I mean I grew up next door to John, I had known him for most of my life. Well, sort of. It had to be about three years now... whatever, we were best mates and that was all that mattered.
I knew him like the back of my hand, studied his expressions and emotions, trying to understand exactly who he was hiding from the world.
So far, I knew he was hiding his past. He was hiding anything that could make him look soft. I knew not to expect much from him, the sappy stuff and romance. He was a ‘man' after all. Well that is what he called himself now days.
Ever since he met Julia, the three of us had been as close knit as a family, something I had never actually had. I grew up with a family friend, Scarlet, but she moved away for a job not a month ago. She wanted to stay, I knew she did, but I told her to go on anyways. Maybe that was also why I had been acting so depressed lately; I had not exactly acclimated to being legitimately alone yet. There was no one to come home to except a dark lonely house and a telephone call from John.
'The band... this. The band... that.' His band was sometimes all he could talk about.
But, his band had in fact introduced me to my current crush-not-''quite''-boyfriend, Stu Sutcliffe. The bassist, the sweet, funny, quiet, shy, mysterious artist. The guy that crushed back.
When we finally got back to Liverpool, we headed over to Julia’s place, just lazing around. It was barely even six.
John strummed his precious guitar, bopping along to the music. Julia and I talked about random nothings, laughing constantly with joy and a bit of alcohol. Not too much though, just enough to still be sober.
Around 6:30, people started showing up. Everyone came, from the band, our friends, their friends, their girl, their best mate, and Paul. Paul McCartney. The Quarrymen’s newest addition. ''Another'' guitarist.
And what of the roster you may ask? John on guitar, Paul likewise, Stu on bass, Pete Shotton on washboard (really, though, who needs a washboard player?), and Pete Best on drums.
Anyone who was ''anyone'' had seen The Quarrymen perform... in John's opinion anyway. I greeted everyone, chatting, laughing, drinking, and thanking. After an hour or so of this, took a break on the couch.
“Hey, what're you thinking about, luv?” Stu said and covered my eyes from behind.
“Nothing at all. Yer early, Stu.” I replied, smiling and trying to pull his hands away.
“Stop fightin' me and let me take you outside. Need t'give you your birthday presents, after all.”
“Presents? As in multiple?” I asked excitedly.
I felt the change in air temperature.
“'Alright, luv. Open yer eyes.”
He was standing in front of me looking handsome as usual, dressed up in his best, holding out a sparkling necklace. Around the thin, gold chain hung a small heart. It was beautiful.
“Before you go 'Oh Stuart you ''shouldn't'' have!' like a little girl, then nearly hug me to death and tell me you love me, I need to ask you something. It’s for your other present.” He almost knew me too well.
He was the only one that could make me melt and swoon like a little girl, the preppy, pretty girl every boy wanted in their pants.
“WelI I was wondering…” He walked around behind me, moving my hair out of the way and putting the necklace on for me. “…If you'd be my girlfriend.”
There was no question about it. It was yes or yes.
I blushed and turned around, looking up at him then throwing myself into him and kissing him on the lips over and over again. He kissed back.
But there was a sigh somewhere close. Neither of us pried our attention from each other but continued to kiss and ignore the fact that someone had seen. Ignoring a major part of life couldn't be that bad, right?

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