Postcards From The Boys

Postcards From The Boys

If you read this dont thank me, seriously. Im just the back bone. All thanks and praises go to sophie1414 :D I dont think she expected that <-----
So anyways, its Beatly enjoy!
P.S. It goes places you wouldnt expect....

Chapter 4


All of a sudden I was remembering the day we met, his blood on the pavement and my throbbing fist. I remembered everything vividly. Sitting under the tree in the Fields for the first time and watching the sky above, leaves rustling around us, clinging for their lives in the tormenting autumn air.
I could watch his eyes flicker around suspiciously as he wrote and drew, hardly passing words through his flat line lips.
I could watch his expressions for forever, turning from angry to at ease to depressed to needy to perfectly happy.
“What about your guitar? D'you ever want to be anything with that guitar of yours?”
“I do, someday, but I like seeing things too. Music tells you words, feelings, while art helps you see things, things other people don’t necessarily see. Artists are brilliant.” He stopped, nodded his head and looked from his notebook to me.
“You're going to be both artist and musician, John. You're perfectly in between.” Everything anyone could ever ask for or want to be. I nodded watching him glare back down to his notebook and bite his lip.
“I’m neither.” He tucked his pencil behind his ear and clapped the notebook closed.
“Can I see them then?” We lazed back in the grass together, my head on his chest, waiting for him to crack.
“No.” He laughed.
“Scared they'll make Johnny look soft?” I asked obnoxiously, ruffling his hair and standing up.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back down, dark eyes locking with mine. What did he really think? I could never tell, not the day we met and not today two years later.
Maybe he was not even thinking at all. Or maybe he was thinking too much.
“John, If I were drowning would you jump in and save me?” I asked watching his dark eyes flicker in mine, the shades of greens tye-dying his eyes browns and greens and muddy colors that only looked beautiful in his eyes.
“Just keep your head above until I get t'you.”
I watched him lean in close, trying not to kiss me, and then watched him push himself away. “Could you live in the water? Waiting for me?”
“I’d drown waiting for you. Only if you promised to save me.” I nodded, watching past him to the trees above a small caterpillar crawling ever so closer to home.
''I'd become a mermaid waiting for you John...''
We sat there, I watched everything around us, the birds chirping and singing their beautiful love songs to spring telling stories of cold hard winters and lonely nights. I watched the wind shake the trees and listened to the waves lapping between John and I.
I could hear the salt water choking us, feel it pulling me down, feel it taking me away until finally John was shaking me, pulling me close and it turned out to only be my tears choking me.
It turned out to only be that he was saving me, throwing me the life line as I began to let myself sink like the Titanic. I could feel the current dragging me down and him begging through rough and pain weary eyes for me to keep my head above.
I got up, forcing myself away from him, not daring to let him see me weak and lonely again. Not daring to let him see that the two people I needed most I’d never have and were tearing me apart because of that.
“Hey, J.” He pulled me close as the tears drowned me further.
He held me through my own force, trying to push him away. He clutched me to his chest, almost strangling me as I fought against him but he knew more than anyone that I needed him. He knew that through everything I needed him and even would go so far as to say I loved him. And I did.
“I can’t help it John. I can’t help drowning.” I dug my fingers into his leather jacket, feeling his flesh underneath it and finally giving into him.
“You have a hole in your heart, you can’t help but sink.” He kissed the top of my head. “I promise I can patch it for you though.”
And I just nodded knowing that of all the ship wrecks of them all John was a dingy with a leak, maybe a leak for now, and I was the Titanic, safety or swimming for the end of the earth until they fell underneath.
It wasn't his fault he didn't understand, it wasn't my fault I was the one with the sinking heart. The one that was screwed up beyond compare and fighting to swim for safety.
He couldn't help but kiss me over and over again, anywhere, as I cried, digging my fingers into his back and twining his greasy gelled back hair in strands trying to calm myself.
“I'd never let you drown J. I'd swim right next to you. I promise.”
I nodded and stopped crying.
“John.” I wiped away my tears, kissing my forehead and my cheeks, my nose, and anywhere he could find that wasn't my lips.
“J I'd never leave you stranded at sea like everyone else did. We have too much together.”
And I cried even harder, letting everything out, letting him know it was alright. It was finally getting better. I maybe be bawling my eyes out but he was saving me, pulling me out of the ocean and reviving me on the white sandy beaches, chasing each other under the palm trees and finally living happily.
Finally everything would be alright as he pulled me, the last survivor of the world’s greatest wreck, out of the wreck itself and saved me.
Revived the dead swimmer.
“Just swim J. Keep your head above and swim until you see me. I'll be right there next to you the whole time.”
''Just swim J.... just swim.''

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