Postcards From The Boys

Postcards From The Boys

If you read this dont thank me, seriously. Im just the back bone. All thanks and praises go to sophie1414 :D I dont think she expected that <-----
So anyways, its Beatly enjoy!
P.S. It goes places you wouldnt expect....

Chapter 7

If I Had Ten Pence (cont...)

I sat around, dozing off and listening to the radio that John had found down the hall the day I had waken up. Three days had passed. When I was awake we were trying to get my memory back, bits and pieces were all that was missing. I guess they were important too because John looked shocked, relieved all the same but shocked. Stu told me all about the crazy things he and John had done recently, dropping out of school forming a band and joining art school. I had apparently missed a very hectic three weeks of my life.
“We're on the first floor right?” Stu asked looking up from a piece of paper he'd been sketching on for half an hour now.
I nodded and looked out the all too open door. 
“I'm heading out Jenny.” Scarlet kissed my head and left. 
I rolled my eyes and wiped the spot she kissed. John snickered and in response I smacked him in the chest. 
He sounded hollow. 

“Alright, ready guys?” Stu asked pulling a chair up next to John and I who were contently playing cards on my bed.
“Ready when you are Van Gogh.” John laughed sarcastically.
Stu flipped him off and continued. “We're on the first floor but the closest window is on the other side of the corridor, so I'll grab you a pair of scrubs J, one for John too, and pretend that we're nurses going to check on the patient across the hall,” He smiled. “No one's over there. I already checked. So we go over there and since we're on the first floor we hop out the window and catch a cabbie right back to my place.” 
John looked slightly awed. “How did ye come up with that Sutcliffe?” 
I smiled, “It’s brilliant.”
He turned slightly pink causing me to flush completely. 
“Ready?” He asked clearing his throat and grabbing the cup full of juice they'd given me for supper.
John and I looked to each other before nodding slowly. 
Stu took the juice and spilled half of it all over John's shirt and pants with purpose. 
He did the same with me but all I could do was flinch at the cold juice dripped against my skin.
When he was done we rubbed the juice into the covers and Stu, very convincingly, yelled his head off at John who only swore back.
Soon enough a nurse rushed in trying to break up the fight. I could only just barely stifle my laugh.
“Enough boys!” The nurse yelled. “Ill get you two a pair of scrubs and you can change, alright?” She asked quickly walking out.
As soon as she was out of sight Stu sighed in relief. “Step one completed.” 
We all chuckled quickly but stopped when the nurse came back in with a pair of green scrubs and a pair of pink ones.
I raised an eyebrow and snatched the green ones before John could think. 
“'Ey! I'm not wearing these!” He laughed.
Stu was rolling on the floor, almost literally, trying not to laugh himself to death. It would've been a proper place being in a hospital and all...
“If you want to get her out you will and you'll like it. Yer the one pitching a hissy fit over this may I remind you Lennon.” Stu said as he stood up and pushed John to the bathroom.
John shut the door and began to change. 
Then it was my turn and conveniently enough we had just enough time to scramble across the hall after my nurse pushed the wheel chairs to the end of the corridor. 
“Go.” Stu said taking my hand and pushing the window open.
I leaped out and felt solid hard ground underneath me, green grass nearly black in the dead of night, and then he was next to me, John there soon after.
I jumped up and down, taking in all the sounds and smells, hugging them and kissing John on the cheek. 
“Thank you!” I nearly shouted in joy.
“J, shh. We still have to get a cab to Stu's place.” John quieted me and we shuffled to the curb.
“Take my jacket, its less suspicious that way.” Stu said wrapping the warm jacket around my shoulders and his arm around my waist. 
I was dead convinced he only wanted me to stop shivering and a reason to keep his arm around me. Blushing I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. 
The ride to Stu's flat was relatively awkward, John fell asleep on the window and Stu and I sat next to each doing out best to keep up the small talk.
“H-how long you known John?” I asked, mentally smacking myself in the face for stuttering.
He smiled, “A couple months, three or four.” He shrugged, still smiling may I add.
“Oh.” I nodded.
“You?” He cleared his throat as his voice broke. 
I smiled feeling the awkward was now evenly spread. “Cant tell ye t'be honest. He's as far back as I can remember.” 
“Oh.” He nodded.
He looked at me, smiling once again. He really did have a wonderful smile

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