What has happened to Quibblo? (read chapter 2)

Chapter 1

seriously, what's happening? :(

When I first logged onto quibblo, it was a really innocent and fun wa to spend my time! Making and taking quizzes, occasionally reading a story, and just chatting randomly with friends. It was fun to log on. Now I sometimes even procrastinate logging in, but eventually end uo doing so to clean my inbox.

What happened to us? People are freaking out over the littlest things. Friends are deleting left and right. Quibblo isn't as welcoming as it used to be! It somehow feels... darker...

Pople don't even make quizzes anymore! The last quiz I took was from Scorn, but all the other ones are stories either saying that someone is going to delete, or a fan fiction, or someone needing advice. (granted I've done a lot of those too, including this one, but that just proves that I'm not innocent of this either.)

When did this happen? Why did it end up like this? How many amazing people have left already? Well you might just lose one more. I'm seriously considering deleting. There, I said it. Quibblo has become polluted, and just like our world, it's probably not going to be fixed. I hope you guys can forgive me for this. :(

Sayonara, maybe for the very last time,


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