A harry potter love story (harry potter,ron wealsy,malfoy)

Ok this is a dream i had with some added parts. My friends r in it too!!! If u have any question commit and i'd be happy to awser!! Just a heads up i suck at spelling so dont kill me

Chapter 1


Alex Lestange (thats me!!!)
Info:shes metamorphmagus
Crush:secerty likes harry potter
Bio-cuz her mums i jail(bellatrix lestange) she lives with her cousin Tonks that tot her metamorphmagus

Kasey bird
Info:can turn into a bunny
Crush-know one
Bio-comes from a long line of ravenclaws

Emily parker
Info:can turn into a wolf
Crush:ron weasley
Bio-youngist and only girl out of 8 boys

Clair martin
Info-has twin named chloe and can turn into a raven
Crush-no one
Bio-a half blood wizard

Chloe martin
Info- same as clairs
Crush-draco malfoy
House slytherin
Bio-same as clair

Ashley cater
crush-no one
House ravenclaw
Bio-very nice and always knows what to say

Ash packer
info muggleborn
Crush-no one
House hufflepuff

Jillian grayback
Info:shes a werewolf
Crush-no one
House slytherin
Bio-she lives with the malfoy cuz her dads in jail

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