A harry potter love story (harry potter,ron wealsy,malfoy)

Ok this is a dream i had with some added parts. My friends r in it too!!! If u have any question commit and i'd be happy to awser!! Just a heads up i suck at spelling so dont kill me

Chapter 2

The Train alex's PoV

U-im soo nereves!!!
Tonks:you'll have tons of fun
U-umm ok
Tonks -see u soon!!
She hug u and kissed u on the head then u heared ALEX!!!!!!!!!! U turn around. and u see KASEY!!!
Kasey-i miss camp sooo much!!!
U and Kasey went to camp with eachother but u had know idea she was a
wizard!!! Then u and Kasey hear......
AlEX!!!!!! KASEY!!!!!!!! U both turn around and see another friend from camp!!!
EMILY!!!!!! U and kasey yell
Emily:hey guys i never new u guy were wizards
U:same here
Emily-and guess who eles is a wizard
Emily-JILLIAN and and
Kasey-and who
Emily - malfoy......
you all fake cry you guys hated malfoy
A:because hes a JERK
B;hes your cosin and a JERk
C:and did i say that he was a JERK
Train leaves in 5 minutes u hear
You:we should go find a seat
You meet up with Jillian and went to go find a seat.you fond a seat with 4 other girls in it
Kasey:can we sit
A girl with brown hair said:sure im claire and this is my twin sister chloe
Kasey:im kasey this is Alex,Emily,and Jillian
I athoer girl with hair said:Hi!! I'm ash and this is ashley
You:nice to meet you
Jillian:soooo what house do you want
Chloe:i may get slytherin or hufflepuff
Claire-they all sound good but i think hufflepuff is the one for me!!
You:well.....i want Gryiffindor but i'd probly get slytherin cuz it runs in the famliy
Ash:what do u mean by 'houses'
You:O are u guys muggleborn
You:O ok house are a place where you sleep and live.you all so have your house table where you eat Slytherin is for the pure blood and the sly. Gryiffindor is for the brave.hufflepuff is for the friendy and caringand Raven-
Kasey:is for the smart people go!!!!!!!!!
Chloe:you reallllllllyyyyyyy want ravenclaw dont you
Kasey noded her head soo rastey it maid you dizzy just looking at her!!
You guy just talked forever till a girl with fuzzy hair a bucked teeth walked in and said:hi im hermoine have you seen a toad?
Hermoine:O ok u guy shoud proply get dressed in to your rodes were all most to hogwarts.
You:she sounds look a-know-it-all but we should get dressed
They all said:yeah
And got up to get dressed
Thats the end to the 2nd chapter i hoped you like it!!!!
(it propley sucked but plz keep reading)

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