Translated-Don't Stop Believing (Hogwarts Story) By Danni_ and Twilight_Alli

So we all know that this is completely unreadable so i think i'm going to try my best to translate it....I'll post each chapter and then translate each sentence one by'll see!

I'll also be adding commentary)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Geena Stephanie Grace Hayley Teagan Armstrong-Addison-Way, but everyone just calls me Steph, IDK why. (This one makes sense. Kind of...Geena I feel sorry for you! Also...who has a name that long?)

I hav looooond black hair wif red streaks nd blue tips, tht falls lyke a river dwn mi back, pale skin(so palr i lokd lik a vampiyre!!) and blue eyes n d im skinny nd realy preti 4 a goff coz unlike me most goffs r ugly. I wear lots of blak eyeliner nd mascara nd white foundaton. i lik 2 pant mi nails blac, blod red and durk purple. (I have long black hair with red streaks and blue tips, that falls like a river down my back, pale skin [so pale i look like a vampire!] and blue eyes and I'm skinny and really pretty [Mary Sue much?] for a goth cuz unlike me most goths are ugly [thats super offensive to goths] I wear lots of black eyeliner and mascara and white foundation. I like to paint my nails black, blood red and dark purple)

My mum nd dad r havng a fite over hu gets custody of me coz they gt a devorce nd dat mad me in2 a goff nd i have no frends...coz no 1 lykess goffs. (My mom and dad are having a fight over who gets custody of me cuz they got a divorce and that made me into a goth and i have no friends...cuz no one likes goths [again super offensive])

my carraunt bffs are cald luna, fred and george. (My current best friends are called Luna, Fred, and George)

Luna died her preti long blonde hare blac wif blue streaks nd is depressed caz her mom dyed, so she cuts her rists a lot.she changed hr nome 2 Raven. (Luna dyed her pretty long blonde hair black with blue streaks and is depressed cuz her mom died [wait? so her hair died and her mother got turned a different color...I'm confused) so she cuts her wrists a lot. She changed her name to Raven.)

Fred nd george r depressed caz there sister jenny was murderd nd they now wear goof cloths nd died their ugly az red hair blck. And dey chamged there names 2 Darknesss and steve. (Fred and George are depressed cuz their sister Jenny [I think she means Ginny] was murdered [I'm offended] and now they wear [i think she means goth?] clothes and dyed their ugly [SAY WHAT NOW!] as*s red hair black. And they changed their names to Darkness and Steve [seriously...Steve?])

me, darkness, raven nd steve have rist slitng partez alot nd reed depssing books coz dey r posa emos. (Me, Darkness, Raven, and Steve have wrist slitting parties a lot and read depressing books because they are poser emos.)

Today I was weering a derk puple corst with blac tying fingys and a skoort wif skulz on it, purpl fishnets ann spiky hi healed boots. (Today I was wearing dark purple corset with black tying things and a skort with skulls on it, purple [she spelled it right earlier!] fishnets and spiky high heeled boots.)

"Steph!" yelled a coot blond prep named harry potter (She means a cool blonde prep named Harry Potter [Harry has black hair but I guess cuz all the emos in her story have black hair she changed that)
"Hi!"i sayed bac depressedly (I said back depressed.)
"How r u?" he daid bac (he said back)
"Depressd, u?" i aid bac ("Depressed, you?"I said back.)
"I'm gud, i dnt gt depresd cuz im nt a gofik kid"he said bac smiling (I'm good, I don't get depressed cuz I'm not a gothic kid." he said back smiling. [so now only goths get depressed?!])
"lolz" said i bck (she laughs here...unless she actually said LOLZ)
"Wanna b frinds?"he assed ("Want to be friends?" He asked.)
"No u overly cute prep!!1"i screemed like voldamort whn he did. ("No you overly cute prep!" I screamed like Voldemort when he did (so Harry screamed? or Voldemort? I'm confused...but this story makes me confused.)

Nd i ran awy.. (And I ran away)

AN: waz it eny gud? plz tell me!!!11 Alli is doing da nxt capter!!!!1
(AN: Was it any good? Please tell me! Alli is doing the next chapter!)

No it wasn't....its extremely like My Immortal and I need a dictionary to read it..

SO guys do you want me to continue with this!? Leave comments below!
Also i'm sorry about any spelling mistakes on my part...this story is just hard to get through!

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